Sydney Australia Holidays

Sydney Australia holidays can encompass a wide variety of activities and things to do that will satisfy almost every interest and can suit almost any budget. You can find some of the finest luxury hotels in the world here, as well as excellent cheap hotels. Things to do in the city range from some of the greatest golf courses found anywhere to deep sea fishing and hiking in the mountains, and of course to world-famous attractions such as visiting the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge.

Many people—both on a tight budget and looking for luxury—find that Sydney holiday rentals are perfect for their needs. There are vacation rentals available that are luxurious villas, virtual mansions, available. Many of these are along the coast with easy access to beaches. Some are even right on a beach. These can have multiple bedrooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and even housekeeping and grounds staff.

On the other end of the scale, there are Sydney holiday apartments available (many along the coast) that are very inexpensive. These range from furnished rooms with shared kitchen facilities (including a number of excellent hostels) to Central Business District (CBD) apartments and flats of one, two, or three bedrooms. Many surfing enthusiasts need to save money on accommodations, but still need to be close to the beach action. Bondi Beach has numerous Sydney holiday rentals available. These can be quite modest apartments or small one-bedroom bungalows that can sleep between three and five people for only about $100 to $200 per night, which is excellent for a small family or group of surfing friends. The suburb of Manly is also a good place for these kinds of accommodations.

For Sydney holiday apartments a little further afield, you can try the north shore bustling city town of Newcastle, about 100 miles to the north, or the city of Wollongong, located about 50 miles to the south. Wollongong is famous for its extremely good surfing beaches. In keeping with the laid back, independent spirit of both "Aussies" and surfers, many of the less expensive accommodations available here are self-catering apartments—clean, comfortable, and modest because the action all day long occurs outside on the beaches and the visitors don't necessarily need posh digs to come home to.

Even farther out of town and with a different atmosphere altogether, look for Sydney holiday rentals to the west in the beautiful Blue Mountains. In keeping with the rugged mountain surroundings, you can find many charming rustic cabins and cottages with magnificent mountain views, access to wilderness hiking trails, and all the other active outdoor attractions of the region. These are excellent accommodations for family vacations, providing privacy, self-sufficiency, and numerous activities. There are mountain biking and four-wheel drive adventures, horseback riding, white water rafting, and trout fishing. There are also some fair-sized towns in the area along the main highway that separates the Blue Mountains from the Wild Dog Mountains. Here you can find Sydney holiday apartments that keep you near services like gas stations and grocery stores, but still provide quick access to the wilderness.

One way to find cheap Sydney holidays without shopping for a vacation rental is to book vacation packages. These are often offered by tour operators in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and can include normally expensive features like international flights as well as accommodations, some tours, and even internal flights to get you to and from other destinations in this vast island nation. Because of the high volume of visitors these companies bring to the country, they often have extremely attractive contracts with various airlines. This is also true of large cruise lines operating South Pacific cruises that make port stops for Sydney Australia holidays lasting two or three days. One of the advantages of cruises like these is the ability to experience a number of other destinations, like neighboring New Zealand or Indonesia, all in one packaged holiday.

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