Hyde Park Sydney

Hyde Park Sydney has long been one of the city's most popular places to gather. This has a lot to do with its central location. Found in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD), this 40-acre park was established in the 1790s and started out as a horse racing course. Before long, cricket matches were also being held there, with the first confirmed match taking place in 1803. In 1814, the first confirmed bare-knuckle boxing match took place at Hyde Park Sydney, and in 1865, it served as the site for Australia's first known rugby match.

The early Hyde Park Sydney events often conflicted with one another, and matters were only complicated by the fact that the military trained there with regularity. In the late 1800s, the move was made to convert the park from a sporting venue and military training ground to a public park. These days, the leafy environs of Hyde Park provide a welcoming contrast to the more urban side of things in the CBD, and during the work week, many downtown workers break there for lunch. Breaking for lunch isn't the only option for things to do at Hyde Park Sydney. A healthy number of attractions can be found in and around the park, and strolling along the illuminated avenues in the evening is a joy all its own.

Many Hyde Park Sydney visitors dedicate some time to taking in the Anzac War Memorial. This memorial was built in 1934 to honor the Australian Imperial Force that served during World War and is the city's main commemorative military monument. The elaborate friezes hanging over the east and west doors are among the memorial's main highlights, as is the bronze sculpture of a deceased soldier that can be found inside. After examining the Anzac War Memorial, you might take a moment to ponder over the Pool of Remembrance, which fronts the monument.

Moving from the south side of Hyde Park Sydney to the north side, visitors who are looking for things to do can check out the Archibald Fountain. This fountain is the centerpiece of the entire park. Donated by J.F. Archibald in 1932, it depicts classical figures and serves in part to honor the contributions that the Australian Imperial Force made in France during World War I. After you take some time out to gaze at the Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park Sydney, you might choose to view St. Mary's Cathedral. Found on the park's northwest edge, this seat of the Archdiocese of Sydney was consecrated in 1882 and boasts an impressive Gothic Revival design.

Hyde Park Sydney is essentially rectangular in shape. St. James Road provides its northern edge, while College Street serves as the eastern border. On the western side runs Elizabeth Street, and to the south, Liverpool Street provides the border. Thanks to its excellent location, the park can make a fine place to begin a Sydney walking tour. Not far from Sydney Park on the northwest side is the Sydney Tower, and should you head northeast after your visit, it won't take long to get to The Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Some Hyde Park Sydney visitors walk in a westward direction after checking the park out, as this leads to the Darling Harbour and all of its fantastic attractions. There are some very inviting Hyde Park hotels to choose from, and it's not hard to see why they make for popular travel bases. The location of these hotels, as is true of the park itself, is about as ideal as can be.

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