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Manly Sydney Australia may have a macho name, but everyone who visits has a chance to enjoy this coastal city surrounded on three of the four sides by water. Just minutes northeast of Sydney, Manly offers some of the best beaches in New South Wales, along with a rich culture worth exploring. Whether you arrive by road or one of the ferries to Manly, you'll have a chance to experience Australia's original seaside resort.

No discussion of Manly Australia would be complete without starting with the beaches. This spectacular shoreline hugs the Sydney Harbour and Pacific Ocean, home to amazing beaches, national parks, and tucked-away coves. The beaches in Manly Australia are some of the most visited in the entire country, and for good reason. You'll find the signature mix of endless blue skies and ribbons of golden-sand beaches, and waves perfect for surfing. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the beach aboard one of the ferries to Manly departing from Circular Quay, Sydney's main terminal.

Once you arrive, whether you're on a Sydney day trip or you planning a longer vacation in Manly, you won't want to miss the beaches in Manly Australia. All through the year, lifeguards are on duty at North Steyne Beach, while South Steyne and Queenscliff are guarded during the warmer months of the year, October through April. If you want to soak up the sun and the exciting atmosphere, these stretches of beaches are perfect for you.

Shelly Beach, another one of the beaches in manly Australia, is especially popular with surfers and scuba divers. The only inland-facing beach on the east coast is especially well-suited for outdoor adventures with clean waves and the always-interesting Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

Both on and off the beaches, you'll find many things to do in Manly. Tours are popular options—both by land and sea—you'll have the chance to explore by kayak, bicycle, surf board, and of course by foot. On tours of Oceanworld Manly, a seaside aquarium and more, you can take a dip below the surface without getting wet. If you want to add some adventure to your visit, you could sign up for one of the guided snorkeling excursion. The diving with the sharks program is an option for anyone who's certified to dive, and who's not faint of heart.

Q Station, a part of Sydney Harbour National Park, is one of Manly's most unique attractions. At once a hotel and historic site, Q Station once stood for Quarantine Station. This secluded spot high in the cliffs has a fascinating history. Today, you can take a history tour to learn about this complex's unique past; ghost and nature tours also are available for both day visitors and overnight guests. Q Station is also one of the finest places in all of Manly Sydney Australia to enjoy overnight stays and fine dining.

The national park encompasses much more than the lush 70 acres. It actually includes much of the harbor and outlying islands. Many of the ferries to Manly make stops at these islands, including the home of historic Fort Dennison, which still provides light to those traveling the harbor. The national park staff as well as members of the Wildlife Service lead tours of these scenic places with no equal.

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Manly Sydney Australia may have a macho name, but everyone who visits has a c...

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