Sydney Nightlife

Sydney nightlife is, in a word, diverse. Once the evening gives way to night, restaurants, clubs, and more come to life. Whatever your style, you won't need to give up on having fun once it's dark. In fact, Sydney Australia at night is an excellent time to discover the culinary scene. Dining in Sydney is like a trip around the world. Whatever type of cuisine you'd like to sample, you'll find it among the restaurants, cafes, and markets sprinkled throughout the city. Many of the restaurants play with the concept of global cuisine, mixing in fresh, locally grown food and Australia-made wine with more traditional recipes. Once the sun has set, you have a wide range of choices, whatever your tastes or budget. Many of the casual eateries and street vendors provide a perfect first stop before heading to the Sydney night clubs or help fulfill a late-night craving for some good food.

In recent years, the Sydney nightlife scene has been made even more diverse with the addition of wine bars. Many of these upscale-yet-casual hangouts can be found in the nearby suburbs and in neighborhoods like Darling Harbour and the City Centre. Visitors have a chance to sample some of the bounty of wines grown and crafted in Australia and taste small bites a food, similar to tapas in Spain. For some visitors, this is the beginning and end of their plans for Sydney Australia at night, while others are ready to keep the party going well into the wee hours of the morning.

If you're not one to turn in early, or you just want to pack as much as possible into your vacations, the Sydney night clubs will provide a place to have fun after midnight. If you're looking for a place with DJs and hot beats or a more laid-back place with some soft jazz, you can find a club that perfectly suits your tastes. If you change your mind mid-stream, there's nothing wrong with doing some club hopping. Many Sydney night clubs are clustered along Oxford Street, a perfect place to visit when you want to see more than one club in one visit. This premiere shopping district by day is reborn after dark as one of the best places to dance, drink, or chat away the night. The clubs, brewpubs, and restaurants along Oxford Street provide a place for all types of people.

While Oxford Street is one place to find the best nightlife in Sydney, it is just one of your options. Many night owls would place The Rocks high atop the list of places to enjoy the Sydney nightlife. Hugging the harbour, this sprawling neighborhood is a draw for artists and people who come to admire the views. At night, the lights along the water look simply amazing.

One of the best places to enjoy the scenery and the lights is the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. Even if you're not planning to step onto a cruise, you can visit one of the most exciting places to enjoy Sydney Australia at night. This waterfront venue is home to several places where you relax the night away and watch the harbour after the sun has set. A casual bar hosts live music several nights a week, while the cocktail bar is a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy the company of your traveling companions and some of the locals. The adjacent restaurant tempts taste buds with modern Italian-inspired food, and a special event space is truly something special. Whether you're planning a quiet night of Italian food or want to fill the night with driving beats and hot clubs, you'll find the perfect place throughout Sydney to spend time once the lights go on in the city.

Image: Craig Kershaw; Tourism NSW
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