Sydney Day Trip

Day trips in Sydney can offer many options to see the sights both in town and out. The sheltered harbor of Sydney has long made the city an attractive place for vacationing. From the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House reflecting back the colors of an Australian sunset to the sparkling blue of the ocean itself, day trips in Sydney can include the class of the modern downtown area or the adventure of a Sydney day tour at the beach.

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge

With one day to spend on a Sydney Day tour, many travelers choose to tour the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Perhaps among the most famous of all landmarks in Sydney, the Opera House can be enjoyed either by taking in a show or by taking a walking tour of the rooms and main stage. Travelers looking to spend time touring the Opera house can do so seven days a week, and depending on how much of the Opera house you would like to see, a full tour will take about an hour and a half. An opera house bar and restaurant is also located on the premises, which is a great place to stop for lunch before heading to the Harbour Bridge. The Harbour Bridge is within walking distance from the Opera House and sections of the bridge can be climbed for free, offering guests a stunning view of surrounding Sydney.

Sydney Historic District

Day trips in Sydney through the historic district will offer travelers a chance to check out some preserved historic homes and buildings. The "ticket through time" can be purchased for one low fee and includes entry to eleven historic properties including the Museum of Sydney, the Elizabeth Bay House, the Rouse Hill Estate and the Justice Police Museum. Although tickets are valid for three months, the tour of all eleven properties is a great way to take a Sydney day tour and see the entirety of Sydney's historic district. The Queen Victoria Building is also located in the historic district, and a museum restaurant offers a convenient place to eat lunch and take a break from all the walking.

Bondi Beach

No tours in Sydney are complete without at least a little time spent at the beach. If you would like to spend your Sydney day touring the beach, head to Bondi. From Sydney, the drive is only a few minutes, and shuttles leave from the city center every 10 minute during the day. Leave early to have breakfast near the ocean in one of the many beachside cafes. Spend the morning shopping, have lunch in a restaurant, and have fun doing something active on the beach in the afternoon. Snorkeling, scuba diving, or just swimming in the waves are all great ways to have fun in the Australia sun. When you are all finished, head back to Sydney for tomorrow's Sydney day tour via the shuttle or spend the night right in Bondi.

Guided Day Trips in Sydney

Guided tours in Sydney can be a great way to hit up all of the most popular tourist spots in just one day. Most guided tours in Sydney are enjoyed onboard a bus, with stops along the way for lunch and picture opportunities. Most guided tours in Sydney will begin at the Opera House or Harbour Bridge and go from there. A tour of the botanical gardens, Chinatown and the historical district are also frequently included. Some bus tours finish with a dinner sunset cruise in the harbor.

Whether you plan to enjoy the city of city with the help of a tour guide or simply follow your own made up route, there are more than enough activities in Sydney to create an active, fun filled day.

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower

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