Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous attractions in Sydney Australia. Towering 134 meters above the harbour waters, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel bridge in the world. The arched structure is also one of the most photographed landmarks in the world, as has come to be known, along with the Sydney Opera House, as an international symbol for Australia. The bridge was officially opened on March 19th, 1932, after nearly ten years of hard work, with the labor of over 1,400 men.

Getting to the bridge is convenient from many different locations throughout the city of Sydney. As one of the more popular Sydney attractions, buses and local trains run frequents stops near the bridge. You can also drive a car, ride a bike, or walk across the bridge.

In addition to being a great sightseeing destination, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has a few fun events and holidays of its own. Bridge Climb, an exciting local event, allows guests to climb a series of catwalks, ladders, and stairs to take in the gorgeous view from the top of the bridge. Climbs leave about once every ten minutes, and are conducted in groups of twelve. Before the ascent, climbers are subjected to a blood alcohol reading, as well as a climb simulator, to show climbers what the quick elevation change will feel like at the top of the bridge. These safety precautions are a must. Climbers can make the trip during the day, at sunset, or even at night. The Bride Climb is touted as a must do by those who have experienced it first hand.

Another interesting spot to visit along the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and one of the more interesting Sydney attractions, is the Pylon Lookout. The lookout is located at the southern end of the bridge, near the rocks, and offers up some interesting facts about the construction and history of one of the most popular attractions in Sydney. Many visitors are surprised to learn that the top of the bridge is actually in constant motion. Due to changes in temperature, the bridge can rise and fall a distance of about 180 millimeters, depending on the weather.

If you plan to drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a southern direction, you'll want to bring along some cash. There is a bridge toll of a few dollars, but the ride back north is free. Walking across the bridge is free in either direction, as is biking. Bikers have a separate lane for crossing the bridge. As one of the most popular Sydney attractions, the bridge is fun for travelers of every age.

Whether you travel across the bridge, or simply view it from afar, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is certainly worth a glance. Take a picture or take the time to travel across. If your time in Sydney allows for a Bridge Climb, you be sure to see why the bridge is one of the most popular attractions in Sydney.

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