Sydney Harbour Bridge New Years Eve

Sydney Harbour Bridge New Years Eve celebrations are legendary. This largest city in Australia puts on one of world's best New Years Eve displays, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge serving as a major backdrop. The fireworks show lasts twelve minutes, which reflects the number of months in the year, and the Sydney Harbour is the best place to be if you want to see it all. If you can't make it to the harbor or the city itself for the Sydney Harbour Bridge New Years Eve extravaganza, you can always join the some 600 million people that watch it on TV.

During the New Years Eve fireworks show in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge adds its own magic to the picture. Once the fireworks start, a light display on the bridge fires up, and every year, this light display creates a different effect. In 1998-99, for example, the light display formed a smiley face with a head of hair. In 2009-10, the yin and yang symbol was the main highlight. The Sydney Harbour Bridge at night is amazing regardless of the date, though it becomes even more dynamic looking on New Years Eve.

One of the best places to view the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night is the North Shore destination of Kirriblli. From this vantage point, you can view the illuminated expanse of the mighty structure and the lit buildings of the vibrant Central Business District. The Sydney Opera House with its illuminated accents is also included in the view, only helping to make an evening journey to the North Shore that much more tempting. For a different perspective on things, you might climb the bridge at night. Nighttime Bridge Climb tours can be arranged, though as you might expect, they are not possible during the Sydney Harbour Bridge New Years Eve celebration.

Image: Hamilton Lund; Tourism NSW

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