Sydney Harbour Bridge Tours

Sydney Harbour Bridge tours can be very rewarding, partly because of the beauty and scale of the structure, and partly because of the views that can be enjoyed from the bridge itself. Not all of the tours involve setting foot on the landmark, however. The bridge is highlighted on many Sydney Harbour cruises, and citywide tours also make it a point to include it on the agenda. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the widest long-span bridge in the world, which adds to its allure. It is also the world's tallest steel arch bridge.

If you are interested in Sydney Harbour Bridge tours, you might look to arrange a climbing tour. The Bridge Climb program, which was established back in 1998, has been allowing locals and tourists alike to climb to the top of the 440-foot structure with the help of guides. There are three different climbing tours to choose from, and safety ropes provide added peace of mind should you be nervous.

Should you find that you're not up for Sydney Harbour Bridge tours that involve climbing to the highest point, then you might prefer a walking tour. Self guided walking tours can see you walking from one end to the other, and if you're not up for returning by way of foot, you can take a CityRail train back to the city side. It doesn't cost very much to enjoy a Sydney Harbour Bridge Self Guided Walking Tour. Should you wish, you can stop at various audio points along the way to get insight into Sydney Harbour Bridge history and more. The organized self-guided walking tours start at the Milsons Point Railway station on the bridge's northern side.

Sydney Harbour Bridge history is interesting, and you can expect to learn more about it on any tour that highlights the amazing structure. Interestingly enough, plans to build a bridge at the site were being considered as far back as the early 1800s. It wasn't until 1923 that work actually started, however, and it would be another nine years until it was completed and opened. For those who are interested in Sydney Harbour Bridge history, it is worth noting that during the opening ceremony, a man in military garb rode in on a horse and cut the ceremonial ribbon with a sword before Australian politician Jack Lang could do so. Lang was a member of the infant Labor Party, and the man who cut the ribbon declared that he was acting in the name of the Australian people. Nobody was hurt, the ribbon was re-tied, and Lang went on to complete his duty.

Image: Bridgeclimb Sydney
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