Sydney Opera House Tours

Sydney Opera House tours give an in depth look at this iconic building. Among the most popular tours are the daily tours, as they only last an hour, thus making them easy to include on the itinerary. If you are interested in a more complete tour package, those are available as well. The combination tours of Sydney Australia Opera House can include much more than just a tour, and as such, they are very popular as well.

The daily guided tours of the Sydney Opera House are offered between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., except on Good Friday and Christmas Day. The guides for these tours do their best to show guests everything that they can, including the main theaters. Since the Opera House is a functioning venue, however, some areas can be closed off as the result of a specific performance. Special Sydney Opera House tours can be arranged if you want to focus on certain themes, such as the building's architecture. In general, you will get insight into the history of the Sydney Opera House during an hour-long guided tour, and you will have the chance to do some exploring. The daily tours are offered in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

Tours of Sydney Australia Opera House can be included in package deals that also include tickets for a performance, dining, and hotels. Should you prefer, you can also look to book a Sydney Opera House tour package that also includes other fun experiences, such as a visit to the excellent Taronga Zoo. Regardless of which tour you choose, arranging everything in advance is recommended. Sizes for the daily tours are limited, so if you don't have reservations, you might end up waiting a considerable amount of time.

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