Sydney Australia Temple

Sydney Australia Temple is one of the Australian continent's most important places of worship for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This was the first LDS temple to be built in Australia, and it was dedicated in 1984. Before its dedication and opening, Australian Mormons had to travel to New Zealand to visit a temple. There are more than 70,000 Australian Mormons, and today they have a few different continental temples to choose from. The LDS Temple in Sydney definitely paved the way for the other temples, and it continues to be the continent's main LDS pilgrimage destination. While non-Mormons cannot go inside, going to view the outside of the temple is possible.

In 1980, it was announced that the Sydney Australia Temple would be built in the Sydney suburb of Carlingford. When the temple was finished in 1984, the thousands of people who dropped by to enjoy a tour of the much-heralded structure were able to enter the celestial room, the three sealing rooms, the two ordinance rooms, and the baptistry. They also had a chance to be among the first people to admire the exterior, which features an elegant white quartz finish. Complementing the quartz finish are the 25,000 azure blue tiles that decorate the roof. The single-spire design of the Sydney Australia Temple mirrors that of other LDS Temples, including the Nuku alofa Temple in Tonga and the Mormon Temple in Santiago, Chile.

Approximately one year after the Sydney Australia Temple opened, an Angel Moroni statue was placed atop the lofty spire. It was in 1985 that the local government overturned a law that prohibited this sacred statue from being placed atop the spire. The Angel Moroni is an angel that LDS founder Joseph Smith claimed to have visited with on multiple occasions. Most, if not all Mormon temples feature angel Moroni statues. You can see them atop the spires at the LDS temples in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, for example.

For those who are interested in visiting the LDS Temple in Sydney, the address is 756 Pennant Hills Road in the suburb of Carlingford. This suburb is only some twelve miles northwest of Sydney proper. Endowment sessions are held at various times every day of the week, save for Mondays, which is when the temple is closed. Special sessions, such as the Samoan sessions and the Tongan sessions, have their own times, so checking the schedule can be a good idea when planning a visit.

As for hotels near Sydney Australia Temple, the hotels in Sydney offer up a wide variety of lodging options. In Carlingford, furnished apartments are available for rent, and they can make ideal travel bases for those who prefer going the vacation rental route. The Carlingford Furnished Apartments complex boasts the most popular apartment rentals in Carlingford. While not overly luxurious, these apartments feature plenty of welcoming amenities, and you can hardly argue with the proximity that they offer to the LDS Temple and all the other great area attractions. Approximately 650 feet from the Carlingford Furnished Apartments is the Carlingford Railway Station, which can be especially handy when exploring the area is part of the plan.

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