Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Sydney first officially opened its doors to its current location on October 7, 1916. Previously located on the Billy Goat Swamp in Moore Park, the site was moved after the zoo's elected secretary traveled to Germany and observed the free way in which animals at the Hamburg Zoo were allowed to roam. The zoo was moved to a spot that offered more space for the animals and future growth, and today rests in Taronga Park. Taronga is the official city of this Sydney zoo and an extremely popular zoo in Australia. Interestingly, the Taronga Zoo also teams up with Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo, to enhance breeding and animal treatment practices. Of the zoos in Sydney Australia, Taronga is certainly one of the most popular.

Adults and children alike will find that there is plenty to see and do at this popular Sydney Australia zoo. Traveling to the zoo is usually quite convenient for tourists, due to its popularity, and there are multiple options for out of town guests. Parking is available on the Sydney zoo grounds, for about 500 cars. Parking fees are collected as you leave the park. City buses also make trips to the zoo throughout the day, and leave from the Wynyard bus station frequently. The Sky Safari cable car also operates daily between the zoo wharf and the top zoo entrance. Transportation packages are even available for one combined fee. The most popular travel package referred to as the Zoopass, offers a there-and-back again ferry ride from Circular Quay, zoo admission, as well as Sky Safari access.

Once in the zoo, you'll likely want to decide which parts of the zoo are of the highest priority. Taronga is quite large, and an extensive tour of each section is more then a day's worth of adventure. Sites like the Giraffe House, the Aquarium, and the Tiger Pits are just some of the many thrilling places to visit. Taronga Park has over 340 species and well over 2600 individual animals. If this Sydney Australia zoo is your first zoo experience down under, you will likely be in for a unique treat. A wide range of kangaroos make the zoo their home as well as storks, tree frogs, emus, and koalas. Pelicans, wallabies, and exotic snakes are just a couple of the diverse animals and reptiles living at the zoo. Taronga Park was also the second zoo in Australia to breed the platypus, and the first of the zoos in Sydney Australia.

Getting around the zoo can be a lot of fun. When you tire of walking, a cable car running through the tree tops can offer an excellent way to take pictures and enjoy the majesty of the entire zoo. Throughout this zoo in Australia, tourists will also find plenty of cafes and bistros serving food, generally throughout the day. There are also picnic areas located in the main areas of the park, for patrons packing in their own food. Except for any mitigating circumstances, the zoo opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. Be sure to check a local schedule upon arrival. The Sydney zoo offers an exciting way to see some of the diverse animals living down under, and is one of the most fun zoos in Sydney Australia.

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