The Rocks Sydney

The Rocks Sydney is a neighborhood nestled in the center of town, just a stone's throw from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the landmark opera house. Many people first arrive at this exciting neighborhood by cruise ship, but however you get here, you'll find a lot to explore once you arrive.

Every Friday night when the weather is warm, visitors and locals alike flock to the Markets by Moonlight. These weekly gatherings, held between November and February, give you the chance to shop and enjoy live music. Many food vendors set up shop, so you can pick up a quick dinner and still hit the bars in The Rocks afterward. Other annual events include July's Aroma Festival (a nod to the district's history in the spice, coffee, and tea trade) and the June's Rocks Fire Water (a festival that lights up the night with wish for summer's return).

No matter when you visit The Rocks Sydney, you can delve deeper into its history with a visit to the Rocks Discovery Museum. One of the city's free museums, this attraction will fill you in on happenings from before and after the time the European arrived. Exhibits are designed to be fun for all ages as they explain the history of The Rocks Sydney. In the past, this seaside district was home to seafarers and merchants who traded with the world. Although the story begins before the English established a colony here, the touch screens and displays explain about the first residents up to more modern history when protesters led the charge to turn The Rocks Sydney into a place to visit and enjoy.

The discovery museum is just one option for things to do in The Rocks. Other attractions include museums and galleries where the arts come to the forefront. The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of these places; as you step inside, you'll have the chance to embark on tours and listen to artists talk about creating new and amazing works of art. The exhibits at the S.H. Ervin Gallery change throughout the year, but the commanding views of the harbor are amazing whenever you decide to visit. Perched atop Observatory Hill, this museum is interesting both inside and out.

After the museums close for the evening, the list of things to do in The Rocks expands to include some exciting nightlife. Pubs and bars in The Rocks pulse with energy after dark, and with so many options you can find a place that perfectly suits your interest. If you want to grab a bite to eat and chill with a pint, one of the laid-back pubs will provide the perfect setting. If you're more a DJ and dancing type, there are plenty of nightclubs to find throughout The Rocks Sydney that will give you a place to dance the night away. Pub crawl tours are becoming increasingly popular nighttime options. Local guides who know the local watering holes well will regale you with stories as you sample the local brews.

Many of The Rocks hotels are favorite places to enjoy the nightlife. Some of the best bars in The Rocks are just steps away from the overnight accommodations, giving you the chance to have fun without doing any driving. Like any bustling neighborhood, you'll find all types of choices, whether funky boutique hotels are your style or you want to find somewhere that's easy on the budget. All of the hotels are close to all of the action and the stunningly beautiful harbor.

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