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Sydney travel is exciting any season. While many cities have an off-season, there’s not really any downtime in Australia’s biggest city. Year-round sun and pleasant temperatures mean that you can expect hassle-free holidays and vacations whatever the calendar says. That doesn’t mean, however, the Sydney is boring—this city along the harbour is always pulsing with energy and exciting things to do.

Many arts aficionados wrap their Sydney tourism plans around the schedule of the one of the most distinctive landmarks in the whole world—the Sydney Opera House. The distinctive white roof covers several stages and event spaces where symphony orchestras, ballet dancers, and rock stars perform. If you’re particularity interested in seeing a certain performance, you could plan your Sydney travel for the same time. Imagine how amazing it would be seeing your favorite band at one of the coolest stages anywhere. You also could to the reverse and see who’s playing while you’re in town; there’s always something cool going on here.

You also can go behind the scenes with tours of the Sydney Opera House, which are available year-round and in several different languages. Experiential packages add to the tour with high tea or a ride on a seaplane over the scenic harbor, both memorable options on the Sydney tourism scene. Another package begins with a VIP tour of the opera house followed by a water taxi ride to see the koalas at the Taronga Zoo. Under the sails of the opera house, you’ll have the chance to follow in the footsteps of big-name stars while walking across the stages and visiting the dressing rooms. After the trip to the zoo, you’ll have several hours to explore and see a collection of amazing animals. If you’re wanting to book this package, the best time to go to Sydney Australia is between the middle of September and the beginning of March.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this stretch of time would signal the arrival of colder weather, but it’s just the opposite in Sydney. Many people enjoy this aspect of Sydney tourism—they can get on a plane and leave behind the snow and the gray days and arrive in a place filled with blue skies and warm temperatures. If you just can’t take one more cold month, this is the best time to go to Sydney Australia. Thanks to the shelter provided by the harbor and a number of other factors, the weather is pretty wonderful in every season. The summers are warm, but the heat is not oppressive, and winters are still nice enough for surfing and strolling the beach. The spring and fall both feature plenty of sunny days that will provide a nice backdrop to any Sydney travel plans.

For surfers—both experts and those who want to learn—the best time to go to Sydney Australia is whenever you can get there. Bondi Beach is a year-round haven for surfers and anyone who is looking to spend time along one of the greatest beaches anywhere. The waves, espresso shops, and frequent surfing contents draw all types of crowds, as do the art galleries and theaters. The beach is accessible year-round, and lifeguards, easy to identify by their blue uniforms, are on patrol 365 days a year. Surf schools are available no matter when you plan to travel to Bondi Beach, so you can leave Sydney a much more skilled surfer that when you arrived.

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