Australia Transportation

No matter how you get to Australia, once you've arrived you will need to find a way to get around. Although Australia is a country with plenty of back roads, they also have their share of modern city traffic, and there are many options when choosing the best transportation for your particular destination. Transportation Australia has a vast network of highways and back roads, and you will want to buy a good map if you plan to rent a car. Trains are a fabulous way to take longer journeys across the country, and offer a chance to sit back and enjoy all of the gorgeous Australian scenery.

Car Rental Australia

Car rental Australia is often a great way to see the country at your own pace. As an international visitor, you are eligible to drive in Australia with your current driver's license. You'll find rental companies in all major cities, airports, and most resorts. Australian citizens drive on the left hand side of the road, with the steering wheel located on the right hand side of the car. If this is not what you are accustomed to, it is usually a good idea to spend some time practicing your skills on a back road or quiet street. Once you hit the open road, you'll be ready to respond to anything you encounter.

Cheap Car Rental Australia

While most companies offer everything from a compact car to a motor home, for cheap car rental Australia you may want to rent a smaller car. Although Petrol costs in Australia are among the lowest in the world, the Australian dollar is strong, and you may find that your money doesn't go as far in Australia as it does back home. Cheap car rental Australia can also be found by renting from local Australian companies, rather then larger international companies. Some cities even offer a service which allows you to rent cars that have been damaged in some way- either a little missing paint or a scratch along the bumper. If you don't mind a small amount of aesthetic damage, this is an excellent way to take advantage of lower rates.

Train Travel in Australia

One of the most convenient ways to take advantage of transportation Australia is by train. Australia has an excellent train system, and offers train travel within most major cities, as well as between cities and across the country side. One of the longest train journeys in the world can be found in Australia. The Indian Pacific leaves Sydney twice a week, taking travelers across most of the continent, and ending in Perth. Along the way, travelers will see rural country side, as well as some of Australia's major cities. Budget and luxury travelers alike can find a seat on the train, as all trains offer both coach and first class options. Whichever class you choose, you will find train travel in Australia to be comfortable and quick. Some systems, such as the Tilt Train operating around Queensland, even offer personal entertainment systems for each passenger.

Whether you choose train travel in Australia, or car rental Australia, there are plenty of great options for any traveler, on any budget, to make the most of transportation Australia. Either way, you'll be sure to see a wide range of diverse landscape and fascinating cultural byways.

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