Uluru - Ayers Rock

Located in Australia's Kata Tjuta National Park, Uluru, also called Ayers rock, is the world's largest monolith, and one of Australia's most famous natural wonders. Ayers rock Uluru has long been a sacred site for Aboriginal peoples, and is one of the most stunning natural sites travelers will see when coming to the North Territory. Not only is the breathtaking rock incredibly impressive due to its size, but also due to the strange colors it reflects back from the sun at different times during the day. Shadows on the rock face are also constantly changing with the movement of the sun, altering the look of the rock from moment to moment.

If you plan to travel to Ayers rock Uluru, to view one of the most famous Australia rocks, be sure to check the temperature forecast for the day. Since Uluru Australia is in the midst of a desert, temperatures can get very hot during the day and quite cold at night. Spending any amount of time at Uluru will want to bring plenty of sun block, as well as weather appropriate clothing and lots of water. Because the weather is fairly consistent throughout the year, there really isn't a bad time to visit. If you plan to be in the area during winter or summer, Ayers rock Uluru is a great place to see.

For those looking for a climb, the Australia Ayers rock can be climbed on its northwestern side. Climbing is generally open from about 5am to around 8am, due to the extreme daytime heat of the area. Tourists should be sure to check personal fitness levels before attempting an ascent as it is not an easy climb. One alternative to climbing the rock is taking a scenic helicopter ride over the area, to take in views and avoid the strenuous heat.

In addition to viewing the rock itself, there are also a host of other activities within in Kata Tjuta National Park. The Cultural Center is full of interesting information about Uluru, as well as other ancient Australia rocks, and it is recommended that all visitors stop by the Cultural Center before traveling to the rock itself. Another fun way to experience Uluru is through the, "Sounds of Silence" dinner. Beginning at sunset and continuing for another three hours, the dinner is served out under the open stars within view of Australia Ayers Rock, and other Australia rocks.

Guests to Uluru Australia may also want to take a camel tour. The camel tour winds through the red sand dunes of the Uluru Australia desert, and ends up at an observatory with expansive views of the rock, the desert, and all of the incredible changing colors that take place. Tours are best at sunrise and sunset, but there are also camel tours of Uluru Australia offered during daytime hours.

Uluru Australia is an exhilarating journey through unique Australia rocks and a fascinating desert landscape. If your travels to Australia take you anywhere near Kata Tjuta Park, time spent at the Australia Ayers Rock is well worth the time.

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