Victorian Alps

Nestled between Melbourne, Bairnsdale, and Wangaratta is the mountainous region known as the Victorian Alps. During the winter, the Victorian Alps offer the most popular skiing in Australia, with ten separate ski resorts available all season long. In the summer, the Alps are a great place for anyone looking to do some sightseeing Australia, as well as hike, rock climb, fish and bike. Along with plenty of fun activities and beautiful surroundings, the Victorian Alps have some great hotels and resorts. Your stay in the Alps is bound to be worth the trip.

The Victorian Alps are actually part of a larger mountain range, the Australian Alps, which are also referred to as the Great Dividing Range. The mountains run about 3000 kilometers from northern Queensland to central Victoria, reaching their greatest height in eastern Victoria. Years ago cattlemen kept huts for their stays throughout the region moving cattle. Today many of these huts are still standing and amazingly still in use, mostly as stops for skiers and hikers along the way.

Skiing in Australia begins in June and usually ends in October. For anyone traveling from the northern hemisphere, this can be a great way to stay on the slopes during the north's typical summer. Of the resorts to choose from, Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, and Falls Creek are a few of the more popular areas to find accommodations. The resorts are generally quite comfortable and offer many modern luxuries and amenities. Some even offer ski in and ski out rooms, which allow visitors to literally ski out their front door, a great option for skiing in Australia. Restaurants can also be found at all of the major resorts, with plenty of great dining options. As many rooms also have kitchenettes, guests are also encouraged to pack in their own food.

During the summer, hiking, biking, and canoeing are some of the more popular activities. The surroundings are lovely, and can be a relaxing get away. Summer is also a great time to go, as the rates are much cheaper. While sightseeing Australia, there are plenty of great views to check out in the Alps.

Most folks traveling to the Victorian Alps tour by car. This is an excellent way to observe the landscape along the way, as you continue to climb through the sharp mountain scenery. Driving from Melbourne, the closest major city, will take about four and a half hours. From Sydney it will take you about eight hours, but the drive will certainly wind through some beautiful countryside, and allow for some lovely views while sightseeing Australia.

If you choose to make your stay in the Victorian Alps during the winter, you will be sure to have a range of activities. Ski and snowboard equipment can be rented on the mountain. During the summer, the wide range of mountain rivers and gorgeous trails make the Victorian Alps the perfect place to do some sightseeing Australia, and get away from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature in a unique way.

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