When To Go to Australia

If you live in the northern hemisphere and are planning an Australia vacation, you'll want to note that continents in the southern hemisphere experience seasons quite the opposite of the northern hemisphere. So, if you are planning travel to Australia and would like to enjoy the country during their warmest season, the summer, you'll want to visit between December and late February. Even if you plan your trip to Australia during the rest of the year, you'll find that most days are bright and sunny, and generally on the warmer side.

Most festivals and outdoor events will take place during the Australian summer. The Sydney Festival, a free gathering featuring public concerts, music, dance, and cinema, takes place every January. Each February, the city of Perth also holds its own arts festival, the Perth International Arts Festival, boasted as Western Australia's largest and cultural event. February is also the month for Australia's Mardi Gras, a celebration of gay and lesbian rights, which draws more then 500,000 people each year. When the temperatures drop in the winter months, Melbourne features an International Film Festival from July to August, bringing films in from around the world.

If your trip to Australia takes you to the beach, you'll find that Australia has some of the world's premier places to visit the ocean. With the longest coastline of any island in the world, your Australia vacation can include surfing, sun bathing, scuba diving, or charted tours to view dazzling coral along the Great Barrier Reef.

While weather is certainly a factor in planning your trip to Australia, cost can also be an important consideration. To plan budget travel Australia, many tourists book travel packages in advance. Along with flights and hotel accommodations, cruises, tours, and outback adventures can be scheduled together. Many travel companies offer combinations of activities and transportation, for one combined fee.

If you are looking for budget travel Australia when planning your down-under trip, be sure to check multiple sources. Travel in Australia between December and February, Australia's summer months, will be more expensive. To take advantage of the best budget travel Australia options, you may want to book your Australia vacation during the Australian winter for the deepest discounts, or spring for more moderate discounts. Since the average temperatures for Australia during the winter rarely drop below 50 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and are often much warmer, a trip to Australia during the winter months will not be miserable, and will generally still feature clear days.

When planning your vacation to Australia, you'll want to consider whether you're traveling for the cultural sights, general festivals, outdoor adventures, or a combination of all three. Weather, discount travel Australia, and local events are all factor when choosing when to visit one of the world's most unique and exciting island get-away.

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