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Fiji is a small island nation comprised of several smaller islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Every year, tourists arrive in Fiji from all over the world by air. As a matter of fact, the main airports with flights to Fiji in Nadi and Suva are only two of the airports dotting the countryside. Fiji is home to 28 airports that will give visitors trips to other islands and even tours with Fiji flights.

The most popular fights to Fiji landing in Nadi are from Auckland, New Zealand; Brisbane, Australia; Los Angeles, California; Melbourne, Australia; New York, New York; Sydney, Australia; and Tokyo, Japan. Suva Nausori International Airport is the other major Fiji airport that is home just a short 30 minutes drive from downtown Suva. Both airports offer all the modern conveniences one would expect from any major airport. Other smaller airports that dot the islands can be found include Cicia, Kadavu, Labasa, Moala, Bureta, Vanuabalavu, Gau, Rotuma, Koro, Savusavu, and Matei. Most major airlines will accomodate flights to Fiji landing in Nadi and Suva, while smaller airlines in the islands can take you to the more remote and smaller islands with airports.

Fiji flights more than often arrive to Fiji by way of Nadi. A matter of fact, Nadi airport receives more than 90 percent of all international flights to Fiji. You will not be able to find cheap Fiji flights during the high season or what is commonly known as peak season, which is between December and March. On the other hand, the best time to find flights to Fiji really depends on the reason you have chosen Fiji for your vacation.

Fiji airfare will be less during off the shoulder season and low season is from October to June when you will not only find great deals on hotel accommodations but for tickets to Fiji. This is of course the best time to find cheap Fiji flights. Many people take their vacations to Fiji between May and October when the temperatures are cooler with less humidity, which makes it great for those wishing to explore the rainforest and probably the best time if you desire to go camping.

Snorkeling is best during the summer months, which is November to April, when you experience warm water and the surf is not as big. This is a great time for the younger children to experience all kinds of water activities. On the other hand, this is also the time you do not wish to stay in the direct sun for hours without sunscreen.

No matter what time you wish to visit Fiji, you will be able to find several flights to Fiji within your budget and enjoy all the activities and of course the tropical climate. Fiji airports offer the best way and most convenient way to get to the islands from many major cities across the world. To find the best deal for flights to Fiji, you should check out all the airlines to find the cheap Fiji flights.

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