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Fiji camping is a sought after adventure for backpackers that wish to see nature as it was meant to be, however, you cannot just a pitch a tent any place you like on any of the Fiji Islands. It is best to ask permission before you decide to camp. Check out some of the camping sites in Fiji and never--remember never--camp in a Fijian village. The villagers would be offended that the way they live is below your standards. Many times, you will be asked to stay with a family in the village. You will find a few Fiji campgrounds scattered around Fiji that is great places to enjoy camping in Fiji.

Seashell Cove Resort Natural Camping Area is one such location. This resort allows you to enjoy camping of all types including tent or flat as well as a wonderful hotel in case the weather does not permit camping under the starts. The natural reserve has access to the beach so you can enjoy many wonderful water sports or lying on the beach soaking up the sun. Other facilities offered by Seashell Cove camping area include swimming pool, electric hook-ups and more. Throughout the campground you will like the other amenities not often found at camping sites such as a restaurant, bar, snackbar, telephone, and even interent access. Seashell Cove Resort has pretty much all you might need while camping in Fiji.

Yau Kolo Campground & Beergarden Natural Camping Area is among the top camping sites in Fiji. This campground offers much to those that enjoy Fiji camping and want to have access to the beach while exploring a natural reserve. The facilities offered by this Fiji campsite include shared barbecue, cold showers, snackbar, telephone, internet, and a caf`.

The above Fiji campgrounds gives you an idea of what you can expect in the way of camping facilities and services found at most camping in Fiji locations. Along with offering all kinds of conveniences most of the Fiji camping areas has wonderful activities the entire family will enjoy. Some of the most popular activities found nearby camping sites in Fiji are hiking, golf, horseback riding, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Camping in Fiji will give your entire family the opportunity to enjoy all that the Fiji campgrounds has to offer along with getting to know the locals and their various cultures. There is no better way to see all there is to see and do than backpacking through the various islands and staying at various camping sites in Fiji or spending the night in a Fijian village. Hospitality is a word that you will truly understand once you begin to visit the small and quaint villages in the Fiji Islands.

For backpackers wishing to enjoy camping in Fiji you will love the opportunity to stay in dorm type accommodations when you cannot find a Fiji campground nearby. The dorm type facilities offer affordable rates and great amenities. Whether you wish to camp each and every night in a natural reserve or enjoy the local hostels, you will find the perfect accommodations for your entire stay in the Fiji Islands.

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