Fiji Cruises

Take to the water to rest and relax in the lap of luxury with a variety of Fiji cruises that are not only a breath of fresh air but are as exciting as you can imagine. The Fiji Islands has over 300 islands in its archipelago in which to view from aboard ship. Many of the beautiful and exotic islands that you will encounter will be remote uninhabited islands while others are thrilling with all kinds of tropical resorts and activities for guests to enjoy.

When you begin your search for luxury Fiji cruises, you must understand there are many cruises to Fiji on large ocean liners with the top major companies and even smaller companies that offer cruises in Fiji. You must decide what types of Fiji cruises to look at first. In many cases, cruises to Fiji cater to specific groups of individuals such as single cruises in Fiji, adventure cruises in Fiji, honeymoon Fiji Island cruise, family cruises, senior citizens luxury Fiji cruises and so on and so forth. Even the size of the boat is different according to the type of cruises to Fiji you want from large sailboats with only a few passengers to large ocean liners with several guests.

Single cruises may be of the most popular Fiji Island cruise that allows you to visit the magical islands along with other singles. Meeting other singles on this type of cruise is only the first step in creating a possible life long journey while you stop of at various islands for short day trips, enjoy authentic feasts with villagers, or just lounge around on the various white sandy beaches.

On the other hand, a Fiji Island cruise with the entire family can be one that is action packed full of adventure which can include scuba diving, snorkeling, or even sea kayaking. For family with younger children you may wish to pick and choose other activities the family can enjoy such as meeting villagers.

Of course, if adventure is your favorite way to spend your vacation, a Fiji Island cruise that includes excursions to remote islands where you can scuba dive or trek through a rainforest is always at the top of the list.

Along with making your decision on the type of Fiji cruises you wish to explore, you will be able to choose from a short 3-day cruise up to an 11-day cruise filled with excitement. Even the most popular Fiji Island cruise can be short or long as it is not the length of the luxury Fiji cruises that make them so special but the sights you see and the islands you get to encounter.

There are all kinds of companies offering unique and wonderful cruises all around the Fiji islands, all with different itineraries and amenities to cater to family or honeymooners. Prices also vary and usually do not include your airfare to Nadi or Lautoka where most often your cruise will begin. Before picking the first cruise liner company, you should check for the best prices with the options you desire to find the best deals.

Remember, prices will vary according to the accommodations you prefer, the islands you wish to see, and of course, the length of the cruise you choose. If you do not mind having a smaller cabin, you may be able to save quite a bit of money and still enjoy a cruise of a lifetime.

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