Fiji Diving

Divers all over the world acclaim Fiji diving as some of the best places in the world to explore the underwater world. Fiji scuba diving is so popular due to the fantastic soft coral reefs that surround the various islands. Diving in Fiji is fast becoming the best vacation for family and singles. Not only will divers love the diving in Fiji, but also the accommodations in Fiji dive resorts are overwhelming. Divers enjoy being catered to while enjoying all best diving in Fiji.

When you begin to look for the best diving in Fiji you will have to break it down into the various islands chains as each one offers their own unique world.

Yasawa Group

Fiji diving locations include Whiskey's Reef and the Zoo. Fiji dive resorts found at home in the Yasawa Group include the most popular Funky Fish Beach Resort and the Oarman's Bay Lodge.

Mamanuca Islands

Fiji scuba diving in the Mamanuca Islands is more than likely the best in diving if you are talking about the many diving spots that are excellent for novice divers. A few of the most popular dives for novice divers include Gotham City, Vomo Caves, and Endless Dream to just name a few. There are 22 novice dive locations, 3 for intermediate divers, 2 for advanced, and one awesome wreck dive. Of course, you will find all kinds of wonderful Fiji Dive Resorts in the Mamanuca Islands including Vomo Island Resort and Castaway Island Resort.

Lau Group

The Lau Group offers six wonderful Fiji scuba diving spots along with accommodations that cater to divers such as Nawanawa Estate and Moana's Guest House. Best diving in Fiji in the Lau Group can be found at Wailangilala Passage, Boehm Rock, and Sangrila.


Lomaiviti offers comfortable and convenient Fiji Dive Resorts such as Sailor Home and Ovalau Holiday Resort along with several more. The main reason you will find that scuba divers are at the top of the list when it comes to visitors to the Lomaiviti Group of islands is that there are so many unique dive spots in the area. This area may not bring many visitors unless they are divers, therefore this could be considered a divers paradise.

Viti Levu and Vanua Levu

Of course, when it comes to the main islands of Fiji you will find more dive spots than you will have to explore during your vacation. Accommodations are excellent on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu with Nadi has many resorts for divers including Coconut Inn and Tailuvu Hotel. Savusavu on Vanua Levu is one popular place for divers to congregate and one of the most popular accommodations is Savusavu Bay. Both of these islands have more dives than any of the other areas around Fiji, but of course, you will encounter more tourists and divers than if you choose a more remote island and hotel for your stay.


Kadavu may be one of the most popular diving spots in all of Fiji. Kadavu has several wonderful dive locations and a few great places to stay. Tourists are not as much in the way and divers can enjoy crystal clear waters and wonderful views of the world under the sea.


Popular dives spots in Taveuni are for intermediate or advanced divers. Advanced divers will love the Naingoro Pass and the Eagle Ray Point along with the rest of the most popular Fiji diving spots.

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