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Trekking in Fiji is a wonderful and exciting way to see all the beauty that abounds throughout the Fiji Islands. There are a huge variety of Fiji hiking trails including strolling through many gardens such as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. However, if you wish to get away from the touristy locations and really enjoy Fiji hiking then you will have to visit the National Parks in the area.

Hiking in Fiji with guides at the National Parks will help you learn about the natural fauna, flora, birds, and other creatures that call the Fiji islands home. Hiking in Fiji will be an exciting adventure through a variety of terrains. Remember to dress accordingly whether you will be enjoying Fiji hiking trails in local parks, the rainforest, or the beautiful gardens.

Koroyanitu National Park

Fiji hiking trails through the Koroyanitu National Park on the island of Viti Levu will take you through the rainforest and several local villages. The Fiji trek offers day and even overnight walks with camping and lodge accommodations available.

Sigatoka Sandunes National Park

Sigatoka Sandunes National Park on the island of Viti Levu is a magnificent 4-mile stretch of sand dunes along the coastline. On this Fiji trek, you will be able to explore various official trails and discover ancient pottery chards.

Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve

Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve in Suva on Viti Levu is only a 20-minute drive on the outskirts of Suva. Here you can view beautiful fauna and flora, bird watch, enjoy the scenic lookouts and gaze at the small waterfalls. You can take a bus even farther out to Naitasire and not only enjoy the hiking in Fiji but visit many of the smaller villages, however, you will need to know what the village protocol is and have permission to look around the village. In most cases, it would be best if you give the local chief a present and ask permission. The chief more than likely will ask that you take along a villager as a guide. However, what better way is there to explore and find the awesome Fiji hiking trails than with a local?

Bouma National Park

Bouma National Park is home in Taveuni. This island is commonly referred to as the Garden Island of Fiji and offers more than you can imagine in the way of beauty with awesome excitement for a Fiji Trek. You can choose from three different Fiji hiking trails, which include the Vidawa Rainforest Hike, the Lavena coastal Walk, and the Tavoro Waterfalls. If you are adventurous and wish to not only enjoy trekking in Fiji but also see a rare flower doing so, then you will want to visit during October to December and take the Fiji hiking trail to Lake Tagimaucia where you will be able to see the Tagimaucia flower.

Nausori Highlands

Fiji hiking in the Nausoari Highlands is not like the tropical setting you might imagine. Here you will see rolling hills, volcanic peaks, and beautiful rich fertile river valleys. During your trekking in Fiji, you will be able to view the Yasawa islands to the west and the Mamanuca Islands to the south. There is no other place in all of Fiji with such a breath taking view.

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