Fiji Islands

Fiji is a popular destination found among the South Pacific Islands. South Pacific Islands have a unique tropical setting that attracts visitors from all over the world; however, Fiji Islands is noted as being one of the friendliest and offers many things for the world traveler to enjoy. The island of Fiji is honestly a country with around 322 islands with 106 inhabited along with 522 inlets.

Viti Levu is one of the main Fiji Islands which is the sixth largest island found in Oceania. It is one of the South Pacific Islands home just east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga, and south of Tuvalu. Viti Levu has a magnificent terrain mixed with rugged terrain that is separated by mountains that divides the drier western side from the greener and wetter east side. Fiji travel offers visitors a wide-ranging variety of scenery including the largest cattle ranch in Yagara and the highest peak in all of the Fiji islands known as Tomanivi.

Vanua Levu is known by locals as Sandalwood Island. Vanua Levu is the second largest island in the Fiji islands. This South Pacific Island is surrounded by awesome coral reefs with a terrain that is hilly and rugged. Fiji travel brings visitors to the beautiful rivers found on Vanua Levu along with activities such as yachting and scuba diving.

The third largest Fiji Island is Taveuni. This island is quickly recognized due to its cigar shape. Tourists love this South Pacific Island due to the beautiful flora and fauna along with popular destinations such as Lake Tagimaucia that make a wonderful setting for Fiji vacations. Scuba divers flock to Taveuni to view the delightful undersea adventures around Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.

The island of Fiji is home to probably the most popular South Pacific Island, Kadavu. Kadavu offers mountainous terrain with awesome rainforest and the perfect setting for bird lovers that desire Fiji vacations. Many bird enthusiasts use Fiji travel options to view such species as the Velvet Dove, Crimson Shining-parrot, the Kadavu Fantail, and the Kadavu Honeyeater. One main island of Fiji attraction is found just off shore, the Great Astrolabe Reef, which is a large barrier reef that draws scuba divers the world over to this premier spot.

A very popular group of islands in the island of Fiji is a volcanic archipelago that consists of 20 islands known as Mamanuca Islands. Malololailai is the hot spot for tourist, which you might recall from the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away. Even though there are 20 islands to explore many are under water when the tide rolls in.

Yasawa Islands are another location for great Fiji vacations. This island chain has 20 volcanic island home in the western section of the Fiji Islands. However, visitors must ask permission to enjoy all that the Yasawa Islands have to offer along with the luxurious resorts that are scattered throughout the islands.

Fiji vacations are considered among the best vacations with a variety of activities and adventures along with a diverse terrain according to the islands you wish to explore.

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