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When you visit the Fiji Islands, you will most likely want to indulge yourself in the history and culture of the Fijian people. The best way in which to do this is by visiting the Fiji museums. Practically every town will have their own Fiji museums displaying artifacts and handmade items of the locals, however, the most popular of all the Fiji museums in the National Museum in Suva Fiji.

The National Museum in Suva Fiji is commonly referred to as the Fiji Museum or the Museum of Suva Fiji. Either way they are all talking about the same museum. The National Museum in Suva Fiji is the most popular of all the museums of Suva Fiji at home in the botanical gardens.

The beginning of the Museum of Suva Fiji began in 1904 when Sir William Allardyce gave his collection to the Suva Town Board where it was proudly displayed in the town hall. From that time until now, the collection along with many others has had many homes until it found its home in Suva's botanical gardens in 1972.

The Museum of Suva Fiji has many wonderful attractions with various galleries giving guests a wonderful walk through history. A glimpse into the Fiji museum and the galleries begins with Taukei Gallery with such artifacts of pre-history time in the Fiji Islands and items of archaeological, ritual, and religious significance. The history gallery will provide guests with wonderful items throughout the history of the Fiji islands. The Masi - Fijian Barkcloth gallery is one of utter beauty with items created from the bark cloth into non-woven apparel. The Indo-Fijian Gallery is one to be admired with many of the artifacts that show the importance of the Indians to the economy and history of the Fiji Islands. The Art Gallery is a collection of several works of local artists.

The Fiji Museum is known for various activities and events that visitors are sure to love including such demonstrations as pottery making and held the event for the launching of the book, "Butterflies of the Fiji Islands". The museum is always providing new and exciting events so while you are vacationing you may just want to stop in and see what they have planned.

The Fiji Museum is not the only attraction for vacationers to Suva. The Suva Botanical Gardens surrounding the museum is a sight well worth spending hours to relax and view the natural fauna and flora that makes this tropical paradise so appealing.

A visit to the Fiji museum would not be the same if you did not take some time to browse through the Fiji Museum Gift Shop. Here you will be able to find all kinds of wonderful souvenirs to take home for family and friends or to help you remember your glorious vacation in the Fiji Islands. Some of the great items you can purchase include artworks, books, cards, carvings, Domodomos, masi, jewelry, replica artifacts, pottery, and handicrafts made by local artists.



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