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Fiji surfing is a wonderful thing. Not only will you find legendary breaks in this South Pacific island nation, but you’ll also enjoy the freedom of choosing to surf wherever you please. In 2010, the government of Fiji issued a decree essentially stating that anyone can surf anywhere in Fiji waters. As for the best time to go Fiji surfing, there are two seasons in the archipelago – winter and summer.

Surfing in Fiji
Surfing in Fiji  Image: Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer (flickr)

The winter season in Fiji is the best for more experienced surfers, due to low pressure systems and the higher, more consistent swells. It runs from April to October. Summer, which is November to April in Fiji, tends to see smaller, less consistent swells, making it more ideal for less experienced surfers. Summer brings an increased chance of afternoon showers, which is something to keep in mind. It should be noted that Fiji surfing overall is generally best suited for experienced surfers, as most of the country’s surf sites are reef breaks. Coral reefs tend to be sharp all over, so if you are consistently crashing out over them, you can expect some cuts to go with your bruises.

Best Surf Breaks in Fiji

Best Surf Breaks in Fiji
Best Surf Breaks in Fiji  Image: Namotu Island Resort

The best surf breaks in Fiji are found on the reef passes that are located near the southernmost islands in the Mamanuca chain. That puts them not too far off the west coast of Fiji’s largest main island of Viti Levu. Names of the more famous breaks in this general area include Swimming Pools, Cloudbreak and Restaurants. Swimming Pools is named for its clear, blue water and is an ideal spot for both riding and relaxing. Cloudbreak is a world class left reef pass that consistently ranks among the best on the planet. It is challenging and awe-inspiring, to say the least. As for Restaurants, it has a great reputation for being similar to Cloudbreak, only with smaller waves that make it accessible to a wider range of surfers. Swimming Pools and Cloudbreak are especially close to Namotu Island, while Restaurants is just off the coast of Tavarua. It actually runs in front of the island’s restaurant. Other notable spots that figure among the best surf breaks in Fiji include Namotu Lefts, Wilkes, Desperations, Frigates Passage, and Cape Washington.

Fiji Surf Resorts

Fiji Surf Resorts
Fiji Surf Resorts  Image: Namotu Island Resort

Some of the best Fiji surf resorts can be found on small, private islands, as is the case with the Namotu Island Resort and the Tavarua Island Resort. These two standout retreats offer proximity to some of the best Fiji surf spots and are also great places to arrange other watersport activities, such as stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. A tempting array of accommodations and ample facilities round things out at these resorts, providing guests with everything that they should need to enjoy a rewarding Fiji vacation. Another good place to focus on when searching for Fiji surf resorts is Viti Levu’s Coral Coast. An example of a high quality surf resort found here is the Matanivusi Surf Resort, which has little trouble earning favorable reviews from past guests.   

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