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Fiji is a wonderful South Pacific destination with over 300 islands in its archipelago which makes tours in Fiji some of the most popular and favorite things to do while on vacation. Fiji tours are diverse is many ways from day tours, to Fiji sightseeing, to tours all around Fiji that take you to remote and secluded islands. One of the most popular tours in Fiji is river canoeing that offers an exciting and exhilarating adventure up the Navua River past farmlands, magnificent rainforests, quaint villages, through canyons, beside several beautiful waterfalls, and through the middle of winding rapids.

If you prefer less adventurous Fiji day tours then a Fijian village tour may be more your style. Fiji sightseeing must include Fiji tours that have you visiting the unique and quaint Fijian villages throughout the Fiji Islands. In most cases, these Fiji Island tours begin with a Fijian Warrior escorting you to the village meeting, which is a traditional Fijian bure. Here you will experience all the age-old customs and traditions. Your first experience will be the welcome ceremony, which is known as yaqona. This ceremony is reserved for high chiefs or special visitors to the village. You will marvel at the war dance, enjoy tasting native fruits, vegetables, kava plants, root crops, and herbal medicine, dance with the Fijians during the taralala and tuboto known to us as the Shake Dance, and enjoy all that the Fijians enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Tours in Fiji are wonderful when you meet locals and experience their unique culture.

Want a bit more excitement and adventure? Then why not take of the many Fiji tours that include activities such as highland trekking, whitewater rafting, or kayaking. You can find several wonderful adventures like these that even allow children to get involved if they are a certain age for several of the tours of Fiji. With the majority of these Fiji Island tours you will not only enjoy the one signed up for adventure but you will get to encounter natural wonders such breath taking waterfalls, majestic scenery, and of course the beauty of the eye catching rainforest and all the creatures that call the rainforest home.

There are so many Fiji Island Tours that you may not know which one is the best for you or for your family. The only way to decide is to determine if you wish to stay close to your hotel or nearby civilization or venture off to the remote and untouched islands of Fiji. Tours of Fiji can include walks through the many gardens scattered throughout the islands such as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which is home to largest collection of orchids in the world. This Fiji sightseeing tour can be done on your own without booking a reservation and will be a highlight of your vacation.

On the other hand, tours of Fiji can include days out on the sea visiting the various islands in the Yasawa group. You can find several tours that will take you out surfing for the day, exploring remote islands, or saltwater fly-fishing.

Top image: Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau
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