Honeymoon Destinations in Fiji

The high-quality honeymoon destinations in Fiji are quite numerous. This helps to make the island nation an ideal place for couples to escape to after they exchange their vows. In fact, many honeymoon experts rank Fiji very high among the world’s very best honeymoon destinations. The country’s sumptuous offshore resorts and its divine beaches are largely to thank for the popularity of its honeymoon industry.

It is hard to beat a thatched roof bungalow on the beach if you are looking to enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable honeymoon. Fiji is home to numerous bungalows of this privileged variety, and this is a big reason why the country figures prominently on the world honeymoon map. Some of the best are offered by the Wakaya Club. Widely considered to be the very best resort in Fiji, the Wakaya Club certainly offers some of the largest bungalows in the archipelago, and honeymooners can also interest themselves in the amazing mansion rental.

Also among the most upscale honeymoon destinations in Fiji is Turtle Island. This top-end resort dubs itself as an all-inclusive Fiji island resort, and among other things, it offers private beaches and wonderful bungalows for its guests to enjoy. On the honeymoon side of things, it should be noted that the Turtle Island Resort specializes in honeymoons, and numerous celebrities have chosen it as their Fiji honeymoon destination of choice.

You could argue that all of Fiji’s offshore resorts are ideal for honeymoons. There are differences between the various establishments, however, so it can be a good idea to compare as many as possible. Resorts such as the Coconut Grove Beachfront Cottages and the Matamanoa Island Resort cater more to the cost-conscious crowd, for example. Another thing that may sway couples in a certain direction is the lodging selection that a specific resort has to offer. The honeymoon unit at the Maravu Plantation Beach Resort & Spa sits in a tree and is certainly unique. Another example of an alluring accommodation is the secluded honeymoon bungalow at the Yasawa Island Resort. This bungalow sits on its own, private strip of sand.

The Likuliku Lagoon Resort and the Qamea Resort and Spa are just two more resorts that are worth considering when trying to select a Fiji honeymoon package that suits your needs. Couples might also find favor with the Tokoriki Island Resort, as its bungalows feature their own plunge pools. As for the best time to visit such resorts, the wonderful Fiji weather is responsible for making them true year-round retreats.

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