Kadavu Fiji

Kadavu Island is home south of Suva and is another tropical setting for a fabulous vacation in the Fiji Islands. Kadavu Fiji has many high mountains and several steep cliffs making visitors stand in awe at the breath taking view. However, once you arrive on Kadavu Island you will not be able to travel by roads, as there are not many at all. Water taxis are the best way to venture off and see the rainforest of Kadavu Island and discover all the remote areas for the best in Kadavu diving.

If you wish to stay at one of the spectacular resorts, you will not be able to just land at the airstrip and drive there. All of the resorts are located in more remote areas of the island instead of in Vunisea where the airport is located. You will be taken to your resort by water taxi for a 30 to 60 minute tour to arrive at your destination.

Kaduva Diving is the most popular activity due to the islands diversity of undersea life. The perfect spot for Kaduva diving is at Astrolabe Reef. However, Kaduva Fiji is not only known for its awesome scuba diving experiences but for the rainforest of Kadavu Island. the rainforest is of particular interest due to the magnificent flora and fauna that abounds and the beautiful birds that call Kadavu Island home. One such bird that is now considered an endangered species is one that you will have to catch on film is the Kadavu Musk Parrot. The rainforest of Kadavu Island excites visitors with such beauty that is almost hard to explain in words with mountainous treks and waterfalls throughout the entire rainforest. Not only will bird lovers bask in the wonder of the species found on Kadavu but also all nature lovers will enjoy the spectacular beauty of the rugged mountains, white sandy beaches, and the awesome coral reefs.

Kadavu diving opportunities are seen throughout the island with bays that almost divide the island in various locations, which is seen by air if you look down on Kadavu Fiji. Vunisea, Galoa Harbor, and Namalata Bay are separated by a sandy isthmus that is just a tad above sea level, thus the main reason for water taxis. The Great Astrolabe Reef is home on the northern extension surrounding the Ono Island cluster, which is the destination for many Kadavu diving and fishing excursions.

Looking for the best accommodations in Kadavu Fiji is not hard at all especially if you know what activities you wish to enjoy. Matava is the most popular resort when it comes to scuba divers. This resort is located nearby Astrolabe Reef. Along with diving opportunities, other activities include kayaking, bird watching, trekking, snorkeling, and hiking. the thatched Fijian bures sit along the beachfront and offer an awesome view with a traditional rustic resort.

Tiliva is another great accommodation with only five bures sitting on the white sandy beach and only a 15-minute ride from the airstrip in Vunisea. Local traditional Fijian cuisine is a major delight where you can enjoy such fish dishes as kokoda. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the activities that are offered like snorkeling and scuba diving but you will be able to watch remarkable demonstrations of creating coconut oil, mat making, and a guided tour with the local healer.

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