Lautoka Fiji

Lautoka Fiji is home of the island of Viti Levu on the western side and just a tad north of Nadi. It is the second largest city of the Fiji Islands along with being the second port of entry with Suva being the largest. The island of Viti Levu is the largest island in all of Fiji and is the home of the capital city, Suva. This island along with Lautoka Fiji islands is the home of the majority of the population of the Fiji Islands.

Lautoka Fiji Islands is known as the Sugar City. As a matter of fact, Lautoka Fiji does not rely on tourism for their economy. Lautoka Fiji Island is home to the Lautoka Sugar Mill, which is at the top of the list when it comes to the economy and is the largest employer. Throughout the years of 1899 until 1903, the colonial Sugar Refining Company imported laborers from India along with the Solomon Islands to work in the sugar mill in Lautoka Fiji. However, you will find other industries scattered throughout Lautoka Fiji islands such as distillery, jewelry, fishing, and timber milling to name a few.

Legends and oral tradition are the best way to learn about the history and the culture of the people of Fiji. The name Lautoka was derived as one legend tells due to a duel between two chiefs. One chief was hit with a spear of the other chief, at the moment he was hit, he yelled "Lau toka" which translates to mean spear hit.

Captain William Bligh was the first European known to have set their eyes on Lautoka on May 7, 1789. From this time forward the sugar industry was born.

Beaches in Lautoka are pretty much left alone by tourists as they head off for other adventures, while staying in Lautoka only for convenience. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the beaches in Lautoka you may find that you will be able to find the perfect spot without worrying about other tourists taking up the best spots. The beautiful blue ocean is seen on one side of Lautoka while the magnificent green sugar cane fields on the other side.

The most popular Fiji vacation includes a trip or two to the Lautoka markets. Lautoka markets can be found just behind the business district. The main Lautoka market is also used as the bus station so you will not be able to miss the location. At the front of the Lautoka market you will find delightful handicraft stalls selling a wide variety of items from handmade pottery, woven items, spices, and other natural resources among them sugar and fish.

Not only will you enjoy the main Lautoka markets but also the streets of Lautoka are dotted with small quaint shops offering all kinds of wonderful products that would be perfect for souvenirs. While you are enjoying all the Lautoka markets, you must also let your palate enjoy the vacation by testing the cuisine in the local restaurants. You will find such cuisine as Fijian, South Pacific, Chinese, Indian, European, Italian, Korean, and various snacks.

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