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When Mother Nature created the Fiji Islands she only had one thing in mind and that was luxury, no wonder when man began to create wonderful accommodations in the Fiji Islands, many would be Fiji luxury resorts. Many exquisite Fiji Island resorts offer more than just luxury accommodations, but also a variety of fun and exciting adventures or a relaxing and secluded hideaway. Exciting adventures such as river canoeing, sea kayaking, or hiking through a beautiful untouched rainforest can be a vacation to remember. However, a secluded hideaway that is found on the smaller islands such as Turtle Island is a great way to enjoy a romantic and peaceful time.

Turtle Island is certainly on the list of the best luxury Fiji resorts found in the South Pacific. Turtle Islands is truly a quaint and charming paradise designed with couples in mind. Only 14 bures are home on this 500-acre private island making it a getaway like no other. The beauty and solitude is beyond compare. Maybe this could be the reason Turtle Island was the location of both Blue Lagoon movies. A matter of fact your own private bure overlooks the Blue Lagoon. What could be more romantic? Along with being one of the most romantic luxury Fiji resorts, you will have your Bure Manager that will ensure all of your needs are met with exquisite cuisine such as organic vegetables, fresh seafood, and wines. In case, you wish to be a tad bit adventurous you can choose to go scuba diving, sailing, fishing, swimming, or hiking. On the other hand, you may just wish to relax and enjoy a beachside lomi lomi massage. The only landmark nearby this remote luxury Fiji accommodation is the famous Blue Lagoon.

Fiji luxury resorts are not only found on Turtle Island. The Great Sea Reef home off the northern coast off Vanua Levu known as Nukubati offers luxury along with grandeur. Here you will find four large beachside bungalow suites and three honeymoon bures inspired by the colonial past of the islands. This wonderful luxury Fiji accommodation is the proud owner of the largest solar power plant in the South Pacific and grows their own organic vegetables to the delight of guests. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities with third largest barrier reef in the world, just off the coastline. You will view hard and soft coral, whales, green turtles, manta rays, and spinner dolphins. Activities you will enjoy besides scuba diving and snorkeling include picnics, fly-fishing, saltwater fly-fishing, relaxing massages, and during family weeks kids activities are abundant.

When it comes to Fiji Island resorts, Vomo Island Resort has to be on the most popular list. The beachfront villas surrounded by palm and frangipanie trees or a quaint villa nestled into the hillside is one of utter seclusion and peaceful serenity. The Reef Restaurant home at this luxury Fiji accommodation will let your taste buds and palate know you are on vacation or in paradise as you enjoy every morsel while dining by candlelight and taking in traditional Kava ceremonies. Of course like all the Fiji luxury resorts on the white sandy beaches of the Fiji Islands, snorkeling and diving is the top activity, however at Vomo Island luxury Fiji resorts you will love visiting the villages and learning Fijian culture.

The Fiji Islands as you can see have a variety of Fiji Island Resorts spread out over the tropical islands in their remote and secluded space in the South Pacific. Luxury Fiji resorts can be found on many of the islands whether remote or populated with villagers, or with many tourists visiting all the time. Finding the perfect luxury Fiji accommodation to fit your lifestyle or the lifestyle you wish to enjoy for a week or two will be as easy as deciding what activities or attractions you would enjoy.

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