Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands are a group of small islands that lie off the western coast of Viti Levu. Many vacationers travel to Mamanuca Fiji to stay at the exotic resorts found in Beachcomber, Castaway, Mana, and Plantation Island all within the Mamanuca Islands cluster. A Mamanuca vacation is one that will encompass a quite retreat with some of the finest beaches and best areas for snorkeling and diving in the Fiji Islands. From resort accommodations to budget hotels to backpacker accommodations, Mamanuca Fiji has the best deals for all types of budgets.

What do the Mamanca Islands offer for a Mamanuca vacation? The answer is quite extensive including sunshine, awesome white powdery beaches, privacy, and many water activities.

Mamanuca Fiji is great for a day trip from Viti Levu or you can plan a Mamanuca vacation, stay here the entire time, and enjoy all the wonderful Fijian cuisine and culture the islands are known for and of course meet the friendliest locals you will ever meet.

Looking at the various resorts for your Mamanuca vacation and just what they have to offer you will have to look at the islands separately instead of together to ensure you find the one that will accommodate your needs or desires.

Castaway Island is the largest island in the Mamanuca islands cluster. If you are bringing along the kids, Castaway island Resort is your best bet. You will enjoy staying in a thatched Fijian style bure with comfortable king sized beds. The main buildings scattered throughout the resort offers stone terraces and delectable cuisine at the indoor/outdoor restaurants. Amenities offered by Castaway Island Resort for your Mamanuca vacation include two restaurants, outdoor pool, tennis court, sauna, and of course, a great place for Mamanuca snorkel trips or other water sports such as windsurfing and water skiing. The most popular activity is scuba diving.

Matamanoa Island Resort is home in the cluster of Mamanuca Islands is for pretty much adults only or at least those with younger children as you must be 12 years of age to stay at the resort. This is the greatest Mamanuca Island for a honeymoon or a getaway without the kids. The resort sits on a white sandy beach that offers plenty of delightful days relaxing in the tropical sun. Diving is the most popular activity on this island.

Tokoriki is a classy resort area with a large mile long beach and the best place for Mamanuca snorkel trips. Visitors that enjoy snorkeling visit here often for not only the wonderful accommodations but also the crystal clear waters, which make it great for snorkeling. If you are searching for the island for your Mamanuca snorkel trips then you have the answer. Other amenities at the resort include kayaking, windsurfing, hiking, and sailing all free of charge.

Beachcomber Island caters to singles and weddings. This is the greatest place to stay in Mamanuca Fiji if you love backpacking and the accommodations that you can find that are well within your budget. The Grand Bure is the largest dormitory found in Fiji accommodating up to 98 guests. Amenities at Beachcomber Island include jet skiing, water skiing, game fishing, reef fishing, and scuba diving. This is another great location for Mamanuca snorkel trips. Along with several activities to keep the guests happy, Beachcomber island resort offers wonderful entertainment, exquisite cuisine, and live music.

Mamanuca Islands


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