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Fiji shopping is one thing you must not forget to do while you are vacationing or you will be disappointed when you get home and realize that you missed a bountiful array of duty free shopping in Fiji. You can easily find a currency exchange so you can carry around Fiji currency to all those quaint and charming shops scattered about Fiji that do not except your own currency or any type of credit card. However, if you prefer to use your own currency or credit card instead of Fijian currency then you can stay with the larger stores and shops in the bigger towns.

Fijians love to barter, so when you start at the first Fiji market get ready to bicker over prices. You never know; if you happen to have Fiji currency you may even get a better deal than if you used a credit card.

The most popular shopping in Fiji is found in Fiji shops that offer traditional artifacts that are designed by locals. Fiji shopping is not only fun but is a great way to find several treasures to take back home to family and friends. You may even wish to bring some Fijian currency home for a collector of world coins, so try not to spend all the Fiji currency you have.

Fiji shops offer a wide variety of items from Fiji artisans such as clothing made from masi or tapa cloth, several woven items, and beautiful carvings. Shopping in Fiji would not be the same if you did not venture off to this local Fiji shops to find such gems as carved cannibal bowls, forks, crockery, and clay pots. These local Fiji shops are home in the smaller villages along the Sigatoka River.

If you prefer woven items such as fans, purses, mats, or baskets you will love the unique design offered by Fiji shops that create these items from kuta, which is a reed that is grown locally. The best Fiji shop offering these unique items can be found at the Copra Shed Marina in Taka's Gift Shop.

Fiji shopping has to include a Fiji market that offers spices for you to take home and enjoy. Some of the popular spices you can purchase with Fijian currency or in some cases your own currency are cardamom, pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. In most cases, you find the best-priced spices at the Fiji municipal market.

Before you leave for home, you have to find a Fiji market that has black pearls on display. These beautiful and exotic pearls are home in the waters of Savusavu Bay. Of course, you will have to pay quite a pretty penny for just one, as the price can be in excess of $4,000. Even if you do not wish to spend such a large amount, you have to admire the beauty of these black pearls.

If you are searching for a more affordable souvenir, you should look for a sports wear Fiji shop offering bula shirts and a wide-ranging selection of swimwear. These types of Fiji shops offer several different items that would be perfect to take home to friends or family members without costing you large amounts of money. Remember, all the Fiji shops offer duty free shopping, with the best shopping for souvenirs in Fiji found at the Fijian Cultural Center and Marketplace close by the Pacific Harbour International Resort.

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