Suva Fiji

Suva Fiji is home on the southeastern coast of the island of Viti Levu, in the Central Division. Suva Fiji is not only the capital of Fiji but is also the administrative center. This spectacular harbor city sits on a peninsula over looking the sea. The architectural design that is seen dotting the city relates the magnificent history, the multi-cultural society, and of course is the center of several Suva tours. Suva travel opportunities include rental cars, buses, and taxis that will take you around the entire city and farther if you desire to get a glimpse of the modern buildings along with the traditional colonial homes of the post.

Suva attractions go beyond the norm as you as will first be swept away by the utter beauty of a city perched upon a hilly peninsula with majestic mountains to the north and west. The most popular Suva attractions include the Fiji Museum, which is home to a vast collection of artifacts and historical displays from Fiji and the South Pacific. The museum is located beside the Botanical Gardens, which is another awesome Suva attraction for those that wish to enjoy the tropical gardens, fauna, and flora familiar in Suva Fiji.

Your Suva vacation must include other Suva attractions such as Thurston Gardens. Thurston Gardens are more than just one public garden allowing visitors to rest, relax, and enjoy the peaceful setting adjacent to Albert Park.

As you take your Suva tour, you will not only see the architectural designs mentioned above but you will be able to see small wooden bungalows, frame houses, and stores along the beach in this late Victorian village. Suva travel includes the tall modern buildings that you will not see on any other island in Fiji. On other islands, the buildings are not taller than palm trees, so this is a unique sight for Fiji.

A Suva vacation is really one that lets you know you have found a paradise on earth, with beautiful gardens and palm trees dotting the countryside. Whether you decide to take a Suva tour or drive yourself, you must see all the natural beauty that Suva travel has to offer.

Besides taking tours and visiting gardens or museums, there are many things to do in Suva. Your Suva vacation can be as adventurous and exciting or as calm and peaceful as you desire. If you want excitement, then you can find things to do in Suva that will keep your adventurous soul happy the entire time while on vacation.

Things to do in Suva include all types of vacationers such as shopaholics, adventurers, food enthusiasts, golfers, and of course, those that wish to relax on the beach. For those with an adventurous nature scuba diving is probably at the top of the list for their Suva vacation. The Suva reef is the best place for great scuba diving fun. However, if you want adventure without going under the sea you may enjoy the hiking in the Suva rainforest. The excitement of discovering a magnificent waterfall while hiking on a bushwalking trail will make your heart skip a beat. For shopaholics, all the Suva markets and quaint shops will draw them in. From handmade items to expensive black pearls, Suva has something for everyone. Food enthusiasts will have to try all the traditional Fijian foods that are available for your taste buds to enjoy. As you can see, Suva Fiji offers many wonderful things to do for the entire family.

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