Taveuni Fiji

Taveuni Fiji is known as the garden island of the Fiji Islands. Taveuni is home off the southern coast of Vanua Levu and is lush, rugged, and immaculate. Taveuni Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji with thick beautiful tropical fauna and flora and holds true to the natural beauty you would expect of an untouched remote island.

Historically, Taveuni Island was only known for its coconut plantations, however, it is today one of the most sought after spots for a brilliant Taveuni vacation for excellent diving opportunities. The underwater world around Taveuni Island offers a magnitude of beauty including an array of unique sea life such as soft corals, sea snakes, and clownfish to name a few.

Not only will a Taveuni vacation give you the chance to see underwater life but also with all the beauty above the sea, you will know you have landed in paradise. Taveuni travel can bring you close to the villages, the breath-taking waterfalls, and the various beaches for you to bask in the beauty during your entire Taveuni vacation.

Taveuni attractions abound as well as the flora, fauna, and the sea life. Taveuni attractions include natural beauty, historical Fijian monuments, and various activities.

The Warrior Burial Cave is a must see Taveuni attraction. Before Europeans discovered the Fiji Islands, Fijians used the cave as a secret burial cave for their esteemed warriors. Legends expound on the secrecy of the burial cave for their best warriors to ensure enemies would not disturb the graves of these mighty warriors. It was not the enemies the Fijian's needed to worry about, shortly after the cave was found in the 1950's many of the large bones were removed. Along with the cave, you will also visit Soqulu Plantation, so you really get to enjoy two Taveuni attractions in one with this tour.

If you have the family along on your Taveuni vacation, then you will have to spend some time at the Waitavala Waterslide. You can relax while the kids enjoy spending the entire day splashing around with the local residents.

If you are searching for Taveuni attractions that allow you to be involved then you may wisht to visit Soqulu Plantation. Soqulu Plantation is not just a community but also an awesome place for a round of golf or a tennis match. All of the outdoor facilities and activities are open to the public so you can certainly enjoy teeing off.

History buffs love the Taveuni Catholic mission also known as the Wairiki Mission. The mission is home on the edge of a beautiful coconut plantation. Sitting upon a hill in sight of the battles that took place in canoes just off the beach, Wairiki Mission is a historical sight with atmosphere. You may not believe this piece of history, but the enemies were eating during a celebration with breadfruit. Yes, at one time, the Fiji Islands were known as Cannibal Islands.

Taveuni Fiji is home to several species of tropical birds, so if you love bird watching, then you have to put this activity at the top of list of Taveuni attractions. The best places on Taveuni Island for this relaxing pastime is Des Voeux Peak and Qeleni where you will be able to catch a glimpse of such beautiful birds as Silktails, Parrots, Orange Breasted Doves, and Ferntails.

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