Fiji Transportation

Fiji transportation options give visitors many ways in which to travel on the main land along with all the islands that make up the Fiji Islands. Some of the most popular ways to visit all the regions you wish to see without hiring a guide is by Fiji car rentals. Several rental cars in Fiji gives you all kinds of opportunities to choose your favorite car rental company that you are probably familiar with in the country you live. Choosing to rent a car while vacationing in Fiji will give you the opportunity to explore on your own instead of traveling with a group. This will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds for as long as you wish. However, the inland roads are unsealed and in bad shape so you may wish to rent a 4WD so you can really get the full impact of Viti Levu. A standard car, on the other hand will allow you to travel on the main road known as Queens Road on the south coast and Kings Road on the north coast, however, there is one stretch that is not sealed so it might be a bit bumpy which is a 57km stretch between Korovou on the east coast and the north coast.

Renting either a car or 4WD vehicle is not a problem. You will need legal documents such as your driver"s license and passport along with car insurance that protects the vehicle. If you prefer to ride instead of drive, you may wish to learn about the Fiji bus system and forget about rental cars in Fiji.

Fiji Bus Network

You can enjoy a variety of buses for your Fiji transportation option. The Fiji bus line offers modern air conditioned coaches as well as local buses without any windows. If you want to meet locals and enjoy all their stories then your best bet are the local buses.

The main islands are dotted with bus stops, however, Fiji is so hospitable that all you have to do is wave to a bus driver and he will gladly pull over so you can take a ride. If you wish to visit the more remote regions of Fiji you will still find a Fiji bus, but it will not be like the buses you will see in the main regions, these are mini-busses or in some cases pickup trucks. Do not expect comfort and expect to pay more, on the other hand, you will see off the beaten path regions of Fiji that many vacationers never get to see.

Fiji Ferries

Not everyone wishes to stay on the main islands while vacationing in Fiji; they love and thrive on adventure that can be found by exploring other islands. You can find several ways to venture off to the tropical islands that are scattered through the South Pacific Ocean in the Fiji Islands. Some of the ways you can visit these islands include inter-island vessels, cruise ships, and Fiji ferries. Several of the resort hotels offer ferries to their guests, on the other hand if you are not staying at a resort you can find Fiji ferries between Ovalau and Kadavu, Vanua Levu and Taveuni, and Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Other Fiji ferries will take you from Ellington Warf to Nabouwalu on the west coast, from Natovi Landing to Savusavu, Natovi Landing to Ovalau, and Buca Bay to Taveuni.

Fiji transportation options are wide ranging and give you all the opportunities you need to enjoy all that the Fiji Islands have to offer whether on the main islands or the uninhabited remote islands.

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