Turtle Island Fiji

Turtle Island Fiji is found in an archipelago in the western part of the Fiji Islands known as the Yasawa Group. Before 1987, the entire archipelago was totally closed to any type of land-based tourists. Cruise ships were only allowed to slowly float past this paradise and have passengers wishing they could run barefoot on Turtle Island beaches.

Today, Turtle Island Fiji commonly known as Nanuya Levu is home of one of the most exclusive yet famous resorts in all of Fiji. In the beginning, Richard Evanson purchased Turtle Island Fiji in 1972. He was the only resident on the entire 500 acres in the beautiful South Pacific. Evanson restored and built bures, which are thatch-roofed bungalows traditional in the Fiji Islands. Today, couples, but only up to 14, can enjoy a Turtle Island vacation and reap the rewards of all the work that Evanson put into restoring this paradise of Turtle Island Fiji including the replanting of 300,000 trees, protecting the coral reefs, the mangroves and constructing new wetlands.

A Turtle Island vacation is known for a time of romance, relaxation, and adventure. If you love beaches and relaxing then you will feel at home or paradise with 14 private Turtle Island beaches. From your own private bure, you will be able to enjoy your own Turtle Island beach or wander off and find other beaches to explore.

A romantic Turtle Island vacation is just the ticket for honeymooners or anyone wanting to spend some time alone with the love of their life. Think back to the Brooke Shields movie Blue Lagoon and you will know exactly where Turtle Island is. That magnificent and romantic blue lagoon is home at Turtle Island. Enjoy wine and a candle lit dinner on any of Turtle Island beaches or along side the Blue Lagoon, the choice is yours it is your Turtle Island vacation.

Whether you desire your own private picnic or a lantern lit dinner with the guests, you will love the Turtle Island foods. Some of the wonderful delicacies you will find with Turtle Island foods include lobster, crab, yellowfin, and tuna, all freshly caught. However, if you prefer something besides seafood you will find that Turtle Island foods are wide ranging including Australian beef, fruits found on the islands, vegetables known in the area and of course delightful wines and champagnes to top of the meal.

Besides lounging around the beaches and eating the scrumptious foods, you will also enjoy all the activities you can find to do while on your Turtle Island vacation. Some of the most popular water fun includes snorkeling, swimming, sailing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, deep-sea fishing, and a romantic sunset cruise. Land based activities include garden tours, island tours, horseback riding, bike riding, hiking, picnics, and relaxing massage therapy.

Make a decision to take a Turtle Island vacation and enjoy the quiet seclusion that only Fiji and Turtle Island can create. This can be a time for rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul as well as bonding with the person you wish to spend the rest of your life.

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