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Turtle Island is also known as Nanuya Levu and is home in the Yasawa group of the Fiji Islands. When you begin your search for the perfect Turtle Island accommodation, you will soon learn that not all you have heard about Turtle Island hotels is true. There is only one Turtle Island accommodation and not several Turtle Island Resorts.

If you search through any major search engine for Turtle Island Hotels or Turtle Island Resorts all of the information will lead to the only Turtle Island lodging on the island.

Turtle Island was nothing more than a desolate island until Richard Evanson purchased the island in 1972. At this time, Evanson began to restore and build bures. Instead of creating and building several Turtle Island hotels, he deciding to create quaint small Fijian thatched roof bungalows, which are traditional throughout the Fiji Islands. He did not want to ruin all the work he had done in restoring the island by planting 300,000 trees, constructing the mangroves and wetlands, while protecting the coral reefs by building Turtle Island resorts. Due to this fact, visitors, but only 14 couples at a time, can enjoy this beautiful tropical setting unlike other areas of the Fiji Islands that are covered with accommodations. On this island, you will not find a heavy saturation of Turtle Island hotels and Turtle Island resorts.

Turtle Island is located in the Yasawa Group of the Fiji Islands. It is reknown for being a private getaway with its own private beach. Since the entire island is privately owned you can see why you will be secluded in your own paradise. The Turtle Island lodging offers 14 private beaches along with access to the beach from every bure.

The Turtle Island accommodation allows you to be as private as you desire or to join in with guests during dinnertime with a lantern lit outdoor dining experience, or if you choose, you can have your own private picnic on your own part of the beach. Meals at this awesome Turtle Island lodging are full of fresh seafood, native fruits and vegetables, and Australian beef. To top off dinner you will enjoy a glass of wine or champagne.

As for things to do while staying on the lush and beautiful Turtle Island you will find that you can relax on the beach or get a bit active with such great activities as scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, sea kayaking, sunset cruises, and deep sea fishing. If you would rather stay on the island then you will love the fauna and flora at the gardens, go horseback riding, take a picnic on the beach, or go hiking. If you just want to feel pampered, get a massage.

Turtle Island is the best place to visit for the time of your life to get away from all the stress of everyday life and enjoy being practically alone on a deserted island. Of course, not totally deserted or you would not feel much like a king or queen. After a few days, here you will never want to return home.

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