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Fiji Vacations
Fiji Vacations

Fiji vacations are great any time of the year! However, you may wish to plan your Fiji family vacation during certain times of the years for a variety of reasons. Before you decide on when you would love to take Fiji vacations you might want to learn more about the best time for a cheap Fiji vacation. The high season is from July to September. This is when you will see more crowds around the main tourist regions and of course prices will be higher for just about everything including airfare and accommodations. The low season and shoulder season is the best time for a cheap Fiji vacation when not as many tourist travel to Fiji. Some local festivals may bring out residents, but of course prices for tourist items such as hotel accommodations will be less than during the high season.

The temperatures found year round in Fiji are on average around 83 degrees Fahrenheit during June to September which is the austral winter and during December to March, the summer months, you will experience temperatures around 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The most popular time to enjoy temperatures in the 70's is in the evening all year long.

Of course, if you plan your Fiji vacations for summer months you may have to deal with some rainy weather especially if you plan to stay on the east or south coast as these regions receive more rain. According to the weather you desire for your Fiji family vacation, you should know that the east and south coast may receive more rain, but it is cooler and more humid than the north and west coast. Nadi is home of the west coast and does not get as much rain as Viti Levu. On the other hand, even during the rainy season, the tropical sun will find a way to shine after the shower.

Fiji Tours
Fiji Tours

The most popular time for trips to Fiji is between April and October for those that wish to enjoy their Fiji vacation lounging on the beach. The reason is that the sun is not directly overhead, it is a bit cooler, and the humidity is less. A matter of fact, the coolest part of the year is June, July, and August, which may be great for a Fiji family vacation as the entire family will be able to enjoy being outsides without worrying about becoming overheated and having to rest indoors more due to high temperatures. The hottest times of the year for trips to Fiji are between December to March.

Trips to Fiji may be hampered during November to April as Fiji is in the South Pacific cyclone belt and does from time to time have a hurricane. On the other hand, with today's technology, you will have plenty of time to know a hurricane could occur. The meteorological service tracks hurricanes and keeps up with all weather conditions to ensure that residents and visitors alike are safe and sound at all times.

Fiji tourism offers wonderful events but not many festivals. The one main festival that draws regional artists is the annual South Pacific World Music Festival. Artists from all over along with many guests arrive in Savusavu to attend this great festival. This unique festival is held normally in late November or early December.

Fiji tourism offers several options for those wishing to visit whether you want to go during the high season or opt for a cheap Fiji vacation. The choice is yours according to the activities you wish to include.

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