Agat Guam is a small village in Guam located on the southwest shore of the island. Agat has a population of around 5,000 people and is governed by its own elected mayor and council. Agat Guam is populated for the most part by the indigenous Chamorro people, and many of the traditions of the Chamorro people are still quite noticeable in Agat. Travel to Agat Guam can include festivals, time spent at the beach and sampling the local cuisine of the Chamorro people in Agat.

The village of Agat is located just south of Apra Harbor, and as such much of Agat tourism is influenced by trips to the nearby harbor. Agat tourism also centers on some of the special features of the village itself. Mt. Alifan, the Agat Marina, the Spanish Bridge, and the War in the Pacific National Historical Park can all be found in Agat and continue to be major Agat tourism attractions.

The Historical Park in particular is a major attraction to Agat. Established in 1978, the park honors all who participated in the Liberation of Guam after World War II, during which time the island was occupied by the Japanese. Liberation Day is still celebrated each year on July 21st and is one of the major holidays in Guam, marked by carnivals and feasting for an entire week. The Park features trenches, caves and other historical structures for viewing.

If you plan to stay in Agat rather than just tour the area, you will have no trouble finding a place to stay. A nice range of Agat hotels can be found in the area. Additionally, hotels in Agat will be more than happy to arrange outdoor activities for guests.

Today, Agat vacations offer a nice range of excellent waterfront hotels and resorts. Agat spas are increasingly popular among tourists who take Agat vacations, and major international hotels and resorts feature Agat spas. Agat vacations at one of the many hotels or resorts in the village will often feature upscale bars and clubs right in the hotel. In addition to great nightlife, the village of Agat offers plenty of great options for dining out. Chamorro food in particular is exceptional in Agat due to the high percentage of Chamorro people making Agat their home. In the spring, the village of Agat joins other southern villages in Guam to host their annual festival. The festival is organized like a block party or street fair, and travelers will find plenty of food, music and traditional dancing to enjoy.

Whether you plan to stay at an Agat spa or hotel for your entire Guam vacation or simply make it one of the many stops on your way around the island of Guam, Agat is worth a stop. The historical park, great food and century’s old Spanish Bridge are well worth the visit.

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