Flights to Guam

No matter where you live, you will likely be traveling to Guam via airplane. Guam's remote Pacific location makes air travel the most sensible and efficient way for any traveler to make their way to the island. Flights to Guam are available through a number of different airlines and leave from many different countries. Whether you want to find cheap flights to Guam or flights to Guam during a holiday or festival, noting some important travel tips can help you find the perfect airfare to Guam.

Deciding when to go to Guam is one of the first decisions many travelers make. Guam enjoys a high number of sun-filled days throughout the year, and a pleasant vacation can be taken in any month. Cheap flights to Guam can usually be found during the wet season, although travelers looking for cheap flights to Guam will want to avoid the December holiday season. A flight to Guam during Christmas or New Year's will generally be priced higher than during other months. Flights to Guam in July during the Liberation Day Festival will also be priced at a higher rate due to the festival's popularity.

Northwest Airlines one of the major US operators offering Guam flights and US passengers can connect to airlines in a number of other countries. Philippine Airlines, China Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Korean Air all operate frequent Guam flights. This combination of airlines connect Guam with Hawaii, Micronesia, Hong Kong, Australia and other international ports. Although a flight to Guam from just about anywhere is bound to be long, a cheap flight to Guam can be located from many countries.

Finding the best airfare to Guam from your hometown can usually be accomplished by booking your Guam vacation package and airfare to Guam well in advance. Most airlines do not often offer last minute deals to Guam, so planning ahead and comparing prices is usually the best way to find a cheap flight to Guam. A cheap flight to Guam can also be found by booking red-eye flights. Red-eye flights will do most of their traveling in the wee hours of the morning and night, and are an excellent choice for international travel. Since you will likely want to sleep away as many of the 12-14 hours of the flight as you can, flying at night should not be much of an inconvenience and will usually result in lower ticket prices.

To enter Guam, travelers on any Guam flight will need to show a passport. Even US citizens will need to show their US passport. Citizens of countries other than the US will need a valid passport from their own country. As a US territory, rules for entry into Guam follow those for entering the continental US. Currency may also be exchanged at the main Guam airport, and travelers will note that the primary currency in Guam is the US Dollar. Be sure to read up on the most current rules for carry-on bags at the airport to avoid any unnecessary delays.



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