Apra Harbor

Apra Harbor Guam is a port on the western side of Guam. Apra Harbor is a deep-water port, located near the Mariana Islands and close to the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest portion of ocean in the world. The southern end of Apra Harbor is a current U.S. naval station, while the northern end of Apra Harbor is a main commercial port in Guam. Apra Harbor is considered to be one of the best natural ports in the Pacific and is a major Guam tourist attraction.

One of the biggest Guam tourist attractions in Apra Harbor is the Asan Overlook. The Asan Overlook is home to a World War II memorial site. The names of the men and women who endured the war during the Japanese occupation have been carved into the walls. From the Asan Overlook, visitors will also have an incredible view of Apra Harbor Guam and the battle area where US Marines first stormed the beach to liberate Guam on July 21st, 1944. Liberation Day is still one of the major national holidays in Guam and is celebrated each July, with the bulk of the celebration taking place in Hagatna.

Apra Harbor is also a popular Guam tourist attraction due to the high volume of activity happening there. Guam scuba diving and fishing trips leave often from the harbor shores. If you do plan to book a diving or fishing trip leaving from Apra Harbor, you will need to book your trip in advance. The actual offices for booking the trips are not located on the harbor, as most of the harbor is used for commercial or military purposes. Fishing trips are particularly popular from Apra Harbor as they head to the Mariana Trench, one of the most famous places in the world for fishing and catching blue marlin.

Many visitors plan to visit and tour submarines while in Apra Harbor Guam, as well. Scuba divers often enjoy diving in Apra Harbor due to the high occurrence of shipwrecks from World War II found in the water. Diving tours with this specific purpose in mind can be booked throughout the year, and it is recommended that you book as far in advance as possible. More than 50 U.S. and foreign vessels have been sunk in the waters of Apra Harbor. Yet another lookout point, the Orote Point Overlook provides views of the harbor as well as names and details of the 50 shipwrecks.

Travelers planning to spend the day sightseeing in the area may also enjoy a trip to the Marianas Military Museum. The Marianas Military Museum contains interesting military artifacts from World War II, detailing Liberation Day and the recapturing of Guam by U.S. forces in 1944. Whether you plan to spend your time at Apra Harbor checking out museums, diving in the harbor or even taking a harbor dinner cruise, Apra Harbor provides great views along with an interesting piece of history.



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