Barrigada Guam

Barrigada Guam is a mid-sized village located in the center of Guam. For the most part, Barrigada is largely residential and not one of the main districts for tourism, although many visitors do still pass through the area. Barrigada is also considered to be the most affluent neighborhood on Guam, with homes in the area overlooking the ocean and much of the island. The population of Barrigada Guam is mostly comprised of people of Chamorro and Asian descent.

In August of 1944, Barrigada Guam was a battle site during the World War II Battle of Guam. United States marines engaged and defeated Japanese soldiers in Barrigada and eventually drove them out of Guam. The Barrigada city of Guam still features memorials to this battle, which led to the recapture of Guam by the United States. Today the Barrigada city of Guam as well as the island of Guam remains an unincorporated territory of the United States.

Shopping in the Barrigada city of Guam is for the most part resigned to a smaller commercial district in the heart of the city. Harley-Davidson operates a shop in Barrigada, as do a few other international businesses and outlets. Shopping on Guam is generally more popular in Tumon or Hagatna, however the duty-free status of Guam makes shopping even in areas such as Barrigada a good deal for visitors from outside Guam.

Eating out in Barrigada is one of the great things to do in the city and should be a central part of any Barrigada vacations. With its high Chamorro population, Barrigada offers excellent traditional food booths and restaurants. In addition to these traditional dishes of rice, coconut and seafood, Barrigada vacations can also include plenty of international cuisine. With the influence of nearby Asian and Filipino countries, food from around the globe can be found on Guam and in Barrigada.

Hotels and resorts for Barrigada vacations will be located in the heart of the city, near Barrigada Heights. Views from Barrigada Heights are stunning and provide an excellent opportunity for seeing the island as well as a chance to take some excellent photos of Tumon Bay to the West or the ocean to the East. Since Barrigada is centrally located on Guam, the village is an excellent place from which to take day trips to different areas on the island. Since most travelers accomplish transportation on Guam through the use of a rental car, driving to the various locations for sight seeing, diving, fishing or any number of activities will be quite convenient. Surfing, golf and dinner cruises are all less than a 2-hour drive from Barrigada and make this city of Guam an excellent place for a vacation headquarters.



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