Cocos Island

Cocos Island is a small island located about one mile off of the southern tip of Guam. Cocos Island Guam is sometimes confused with the Australian territorial Cocos Keeling Island, but they are in fact many miles apart. Cocos Island Guam is a popular place for visitors to escape for a day to shop, fish, snorkel and hang out on the beach. Cocos Island Guam is one of the many great reasons to take a vacation to Guam and provides beautiful views for any trip.

Cocos Island history reflects the history of the Chamorro people as well as Spanish traders. Although Cocos Island is today a major tourism attraction, it was once the site of a major ship wreck. In June of 1690 the Neustra Senora del Pilar de Zaragosa y Santiago hit the southern reef at Cocos Island. Cocos Island history records that the ship was coming from Acapulco, Mexico, headed to Manila for an annual festival. The ship was headed past Cocos Islands with shipments of silver swords and artifacts. The bottom of the ship was damaged after hitting the reef off of Cocos Islands and soon sunk. Although only one chest of silver was recovered, it is estimated that millions of dollars worth of Spanish coins were on board the ship. Cocos Island history retains an element of mystery as some continue to search for treasure lost at the ocean bottom near Cocos Islands.

While modern day tourists may not be looking for sunken treasure, there is still plenty to do on Cocos Island. Due to its proximity to Guam and popularity among visitors, two large boats continually shuttle locals and tourists back and forth between a dock in the village of Merizo on Guam and Cocos Island. Buses are constantly lined up on both sides of the water dropping off tour groups.

Of the many activities to enjoy on Cocos Island, Cocos Island diving is perhaps the most popular. The long reef off the coast of Cocos Island that created so much trouble for the Spanish traders continues to draw gorgeous tropical fish, octopi and other sea life. The warm, clear waters and consistent temperatures near Cocos make Cocos Island ideal for divers of every skill level. Cocos Island diving tours can be arranged on Guam or at the main resort on Cocos Island once you have arrived. Although last minute Cocos Island diving trips can be arranged, it is highly recommended that you book your tour well in advance to get the best rates.

In addition to diving, visitors to Cocos Island can also enjoy sun bathing, duty-free shopping and eating out. Snack shops and an ice cream parlors make up most of the food offerings on Cocos Island. If you do hope to take a trip to Cocos and want to avoid the high tourist prices of food on the island you can also pack your own food to create your own picnic on the beach. Cocos Island is the perfect way to spend a day at the beach.

Cocos Island

Cocos Island

Cocos Island is a small island located about one mile off of the southern ti...

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