Guam Rental Cars

While almost all travelers to Guam will arrive by plane, many wonder how they will get around the island of Guam once they arrive. Many tourists are surprised to find that although the island is relatively small- just over 200 square miles- there is no efficient way to travel the island other then by the use of a Guam rental car. A drive from the northern tip of the island to the southern will take about 2 hours with no delays, but travelers will soon find that delays tend to be part of the routine on Guam.

Although the island of Guam does offer public transportation, buses are infrequent and unreliable. Roads offer little if no shoulder in most places, making travel by bicycle unsafe. Those who do travel by bicycle are usually not in favor with the general road traffic on Guam. Guam rental cars are truly the only option for tourists. Even pedestrians on foot will often be seen carrying a stick to beat back any number of wild dogs that make up an unusually high population on the island. Guam rental cars provide not only transportation, but safety when unfamiliar with the area.

A rental car Guam offers can range in size and luxury, and travelers will likely be pleased with the modern options available on the island. Although there are multiple Guam rental car offices located on the island, most travelers will want to get their rental in Guam at the airport upon arrival. Guam rental cars can be booked in advance and often combined with the cost of airfare and hotel accommodation in order to keep fees low. Rental in Guam from the airport provides the convenience of transportation from the airport without having to worry about taxi fees. If your flight lands late at night or early in the morning, check ahead to be sure that the Guam rental car office you have chosen will be open.

In addition to car rental in Guam, some travelers do plan to rent a motorcycle or road scooter for their transportation around the island. While not recommended for families or groups traveling together, this can be a good option for the single traveler or couples who hope to keep gas costs low. Since the weather in Guam tends to be moderate and consistently warm throughout the year, a motorcycle will generally be a great option during any season.

As a US territory, driving laws on Guam tend to be similar to those in the US. Drivers stick to the right hand side of the road, and anyone with a US driver’s license need not apply for any separate or special license to drive in Guam. Guam gas prices are equal to, if not lower then, prices in the United States. Drivers should note that Guam does have an unusually high number of drunk-driving related casualties and accidents and caution should always be used when driving on unfamiliar roads. In general, driving in Guam is a pleasant experience and offers great ocean views and pleasant scenery.



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