Guam Cruise

Many travelers making their way to the tropical island of Guam look forward to taking a cruise. While cruising to Guam from North America or Asia is not practical, there are some great cruise companies operating cruises around Guam and the nearby Mariana Islands. In addition to great cruises around the area, there are also some specialty cruises for sunset cruises, dinner cruises, and Guam riverboat cruises that travel through the island by taking a jungle river boat cruise Guam.

One great way to see the island of Guam is through a Jungle River boat Cruise Guam. A Jungle River Boat Cruise Guam will take travelers along the Talofofo River. As you enjoy your Guam riverboat cruise you will travel through the shaded area of the Talofofo River. Along the way, ruins of an ancient Chamorro village will be pointed out, and at the end of the Guam riverboat cruise demonstrations of traditional crafts will be shown. You can book your riverboat cruise in advance or once you've arrived in Guam.

The Micronesian Dream cruise Guam is another great way to enjoy the island. The Micronesian Dream cruise Guam is a dinner cruise ship on board a spacious yacht. The Micronesian Dream cruise Guam include dinner, an open bar, entertainment and music. The tour boat circles scenic Apra Harbor and generally lasts a few hours. The office for booking the tour is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can book your cruise in advance or once you've arrived in Guam. Fees are based per adult, with children 2-11 being half price.

Another cruise available to visitors is the Agana Sunset Cruise. The Agana Sunset Cruise also cruises Apra Harbor, but features a fiesta style meal and dancing atmosphere. Food on board the cruise ship reflects the best that traditional Chamorro cuisine has to offer, along with some international island favorites. This cruise operates throughout the year and can be booked in advance or once you reach the island of Guam through your hotel.

If you are planning to take a river or ocean cruise during your stay on Guam, be sure to pack plenty of sun block and a jacket, as temperatures can drop in the evening. You will usually get the best rates by booking your cruise in advance or booking a Guam travel package that combines your accommodation, airfare and cruise ship passage for one lower price. However you plan to enjoy the waters of Guam, a sunset or riverboat cruise is an excellent, generally inexpensive way to do it.



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