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Anyone planning a trip to Guam will likely be considering a stay at one of the various Guam hotels and resorts available to tourists. Tourism is a major part of the economy of Guam, and Guam hotels can be found in just about every village and city on the island. The hotels Guam offers range in price and luxury, and the village you choose to stay in will depend on what sort of vacation you are planning. With moderate temperatures, plenty of outdoor activities and a vibrant nightlife, a vacation to Guam in a Guam hotel is sure to be both fun and relaxing.

The most popular city for tourists and the city featuring the most Guam hotels is Tumon. Tumon Bay is a major draw for visitors, and even if you don't end up staying in one of the Tumon hotels Guam offers you should make time to visit the Bay. High end Guam hotels can be found in Tumon, for the most part located right on the bay overlooking the ocean. Many of the nicest hotels Guam offers in Tumon will have beach access and many provide equipment for snorkeling and other beach activities.

Also located in Tumon and throughout the island of Guam in cities such as Barrigada, Agat and Hagatna are some great Bed and Breakfasts and other cheap hotels in Guam. For the best deals on a cheap hotel in Guam, tourists will want to stick to smaller villages like Barrigada. Centrally located, Guam hotels in Barrigada can be a great way to stay in a low cost hotel and still have quick access to many of the attractions of the island. Bed and Breakfast hotels will offers guests small private rooms and include the cost of breakfast in the morning, usually prepared by the owner.

Another way to find a cheap hotel in Guam is by booking a travel package through an online travel company or through a travel agent. A travel package will combine the cost of accommodation with airfare to achieve the lowest possible rates. Travelers looking for budget accommodation may also want to avoid traveling during the major holidays and festivals of Guam. Liberation Day in July, as well as the Christmas and New Year's season will be more expensive than other months throughout the year. Like most tropical islands, the climate of Guam is moderate and temperatures will hover around 80 degrees throughout most of the year.

Guam hotels in the Southern part of the island are another option for travelers. Agat and Talofofo are great places to stay, with Talofofo being home to one of the nicest golf courses on the island. Off the Southern coast are Cocos Island and the Cocos Lagoon, which are popular places for travelers to visit on an outrigger day trip or for a day of fishing. Hotels in the South also tend to be less expensive than hotels in Tumon. Whether you plan to stay in one of the major tourist towns on Guam or opt for a smaller village near the coast, Guam offers many options for travelers, and its small size makes any town a great town for a vacation headquarters.



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