Guam Tours

Multiple types of Guam tours are available to visitors; from Boonie Stomps and Eco Tours to submarine and diving or fishing tours. Some travelers plan their own tours on Guam or team up with organized Guam tours to visit historical Chamorro, Spanish and World War II sights. No matter what sort of Guam tour sounds most appealing to you there are bound to be tours on Guam to suit your interest. You can also combine your tour with Guam vacation packages.

If you plan to visit Guam and are looking to take a tour of the wildlife found on Guam, Boonie Stomps and Eco tours may be just what you are looking for. Boonie Stomps are the local term for treks into the outback jungle and virgin beaches of Guam. Tours on Guam through the outback can be enjoyed with the help of a tour guide or organized on your own. Many of the hikes can be demanding, so be sure to take along plenty of food and water. Eco tours are incredibly popular for anyone who plans to visit Guam. Eco tours are usually led by a guide and are a great way for anyone who plans to visit Guam to learn about the plant and wildlife. Guam's Department of Parks and Recreation offers free boonies stomps every Saturday which are open to the public.

Another popular kind of tour on Guam is a submarine tour. Travelers are loaded into submarines that float quietly through the ocean depths off of the coast of Guam. Most tours leave from Tumon Bay, where guests are loaded into a boat and travel about 15 minutes out into the ocean to board the submarine. Once inside, the submarine sinks toward the ocean floor, and guest can view the incredible wildlife from any of the many windows on the submarine. Most submarine tours travel along coral reefs and last about 45 minutes to an hour. Sea turtles, colorful tropical fish and more will be visible, and a knowledgeable crew will be on hand for any sea life questions.

Many travelers to Guam plan to scuba dive, and for many this will mean taking a scuba diving tour. Scuba diving tours for beginners and more advanced divers are available. For advanced divers, chartered boats will travel far out into the ocean to find the gorgeous coral reefs off the island's coast. Longer scuba diving excursions that last an entire day will come with a knowledgeable guide and lunch. Scuba diving equipment can also be rented in Tumon and Hagatna.

Once you've tired of sun and activity, history buffs looking for a chance to sit back and relax for the day will enjoy a tour of the island by bus. Bus tours of Guam will generally last between two and four hours. Tourists will be whisked along from site to site in a fully air-conditioned bus, with a knowledgeable guide as the bus driver. Special war memorials, Chamorro burial and sacred sights, and Spanish ruins and memorials will all be part of a Guam bus tour. Specialized bus tours of important sights to the War in the Pacific can also be arranged.

No matter what sort of tour appeals most to you, there are certainly plenty to choose from on the island of Guam. If you know you will take a tour on Guam, you may want to look into Guam vacation packages. Many Guam vacation packages will offer lower rates on tours when combined with your hotel and airfare fees.



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