Guam Nightlife

For such a small island, Guam nightlife offers a wide array of activity, bars and clubs to choose from. Nightlife at Guam has built up around catering to military personal as well as the influx of tourists that visit Guam each year. From elegant dinner cruises to family owned local bars, nightlife at Guam offers something to suit the tastes of just about any traveler.

Almost every village such as Hagatna, Agat and Barrigada in Guam features at least one bar. Some of the most popular Guam nightlife bars among locals are the family or locally owned bars that can be found throughout Guam. Guam nightlife bars will almost always feature cheap beer throughout the day and night, with happy hour specials and plenty of pool and shuffle puck. Locals frequent these bars and are generally happy to welcome visitors.

Nightlife at Guam also features a number of upscale bars generally located in the hotels of Guam. Guam night life at the hotel bars will offer beer, wine, and mixed drinks of every kind. Entertainment generally centers on live music such as jazz or reggae. Karaoke is also extremely popular in Guam and makes up a major part of Guam night life. Many bars that feature live musical performers on the weekends will feature karaoke during the week. Particularly in the city of Tumon, Marty's and the Fishbowl offer great entertainment.

Guam night clubs are also popular and spread throughout the island of Guam. In particular, the SandCastle in downtown Tumon, a Vegas-style showroom, is known for its wild parties and upscale dance scene. A VIP lounge for guests is also featured at the SandCastle, and guests should note that a cover will be expected. On the weekends a dress code is also enforced. Other Guam night clubs are located in the capital city of Hagatna and near Apra Harbor. Guam night clubs and Guam night life are also spread liberally along the beach. In Agat, the pub Jan Z's is open all night and open to guests.

If clubs in Guam are too busy for your taste on a particular evening, dinner and sunset cruises are also a great way to enjoy Guam night life, particularly in Tumon Bay or Apra Harbor. Guests can choose to stay within the harbor or travel beyond the reef, depending on their desired length of travel. Dinner cruises generally feature dinner, drinks, dancing and dessert all for one fee, along with some beautiful and peaceful sight- seeing.

Yet another way to enjoy Guam night life outside the clubs in Guam is by visiting the Greyhound dog races or even attending a cockfight. Both racing and fighting are incredibly popular in Guam to this day, and locals as well as visitors can be found there most nights of the week. Race parks are open six days a week (closed on Mondays) and races will usually start at 8:00 p.m.

So, whether you plan to visit the race track, spend time in the clubs in Guam, take a dinner cruise or simply spend time getting to know the citizens of Guam at a local bar, the streets of Guam are just as busy after sunset as they are before.



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