Things To Do In Guam

Whether you are planning a trip to Guam or are simply curious about what there is to do on the island, the following is a collection of some of the most popular things to do in Guam. Outdoor activities abound on this tropical island in the Pacific that experiences an incredibly high number of sunny days throughout the year.


A surprisingly high number of golf courses dot this relatively small island. Seven world-class golf courses designed by some of the major names in golf can be found among the favorite things to do in Guam. The 18-hole Talafofo course on the Southern half of the island is perhaps the most famous and most difficult.


Scuba diving is by far one of the most enticing reasons to visit the island and one of the major tourist attractions on Guam. In addition to beautiful coral reefs that attract diverse tropical sea life, a number of World War II airplane and ship wrecks can be found on the ocean floor and are popular diving spots and places to visit in Guam. Diving tours can be specially arranged.


Sailing is yet another of the most popular tourist attractions on Guam. Sailboats can be rented or charted from the island for as long as a day or an entire weekend, and can be used for a number of different water pursuits.

Dolphin Watching

Many travelers heading to Guam hope to spy dolphins. Guam is located near the deepest part of the ocean in the world and continues to be a great place for watching dolphins. A tour can be booked specifically for dolphin watching, or guests can also choose to charter their own private boat.

Cocos Island

The small island of Cocos is located about 2 miles from the Southern coast of Guam and is among the most popular tourist attractions on Guam. Travelers can book a tour to the island for the day, take the ferry that makes daily trips to Cocos, or charter a private boat to travel to the area.


The Marianas Trench is the deepest section of ocean in the world and is one of the best places for deep sea fishing on earth. For fishing enthusiasts, the Marianas Trench is one of the most important places to visit in Guam. The area continues to hold many records for Pacific Blue Marlin.

Talofofo Falls

Talofofo Falls and the Talofofo Falls Park are still among the most popular places to visit in Guam. Talofofo is the largest waterfall on Guam and a popular place for swimming. The surrounding trails provide a great place for hiking.

Eco Tours

Affectionately referred to as, “boonie stomping” by the locals, a trek through the boonies and outback jungles on Guam is a popular way to see the island and pass an afternoon. Travelers can boonie stomp with a guide provided by the Parks and Recreation of Guam or set out on their own to discover the beaches and wildlife of Guam.

Apra Harbor

Apra Harbor is a major tourist attraction and a central area in Guam for fishing, dinner cruises, jet skiing, diving and submarine tours. Guests can plan a day, weekend or simply a meal at Apra Harbor.

So, whether you have time to fit it all in or plan to focus your time in Guam by visiting just a few attractions, this small island is big on entertainment and provides plenty of options for tourists.

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