Tumon Bay

The city of Tumon Guam is located in Tamuning on the western shore of the island. Although Tumon is not the largest city on Guam, it is the center of tourism and tourist attractions on the island, and draws more tourists each year than any other city in Guam. In addition to being the site of beautiful Tumon Bay, Tumon Guam is home to historical World War II sites and monuments, as well as other activities, entertainment and shopping to draw travelers. Historically, the city of Tumon has long been a prominent part of life on Guam. First a main Chamorro village and later a major site for Spanish settlers and missionaries, the city of Tumon has continued to grow and change over the years.

Tumon Bay is considered the cultural center of Guam and continues to be the center of tourism economy on the island. The mile and a half long beach that stretches along the greater part of Tumon Bay is where locals and visitors can usually be found soaking up the sun and enjoying an array of outdoor activities. Most of the bay is enclosed by a long coral reef, creating a gentle pool that is perfect for swimming, fishing and snorkeling. Octopi, shellfish and many varieties of tropical fish continue to live in the waters of Tumon Bay.

Along with being a site for outdoor sports, Tumon Bay is the site of multiple World War II defense structures. During the Japanese occupation of the island, Tumon Guam became a major site for the Battle of Guam as the United States recaptured the island. Gun emplacements, pillbox bunker structures and other artillery pieces can still be viewed today. Although many of the bunkers are encased in fencing, visitors can view the structures from the outside to gain more insight into the lives of the soldiers during World War II.

Tourists to Tumon may also enjoy taking a walk to the Cushing Zoo. Open throughout the week, the Cushing Zoo is home to mostly indigenous species and marine life. The Cushing Zoo provides guests with a unique opportunity to see the native plant and animal life of Guam. Near the zoo is Chinese Park, a park overlooking the water and full of sculptures depicting Chinese architecture. From the Chinese Park, history lovers will want to walk just a little further North to the Padre San Vitores Shrine, which memorializes the death of one of Spain's first missionaries to Tumon in 1672.

After viewing some of the historical sites of Tumon by day, many travelers look to enjoy Guam Tumon entertainment by night. As the major center for tourism on the island, Guam Tumon entertainment offers something to suit the tastes of just about every visitor. Dinner and sunset cruises from Tumon Bay are incredibly popular, as are the many hotel bars and dance clubs found in the city of Tumon. Guam Tumon entertainment is also well known for having an exceptionally extensive array of adult entertainment establishments as well as plenty of live music and karaoke.

Whether you visit Tumon for a day or a week, there is plenty to do in the city to fill both your days and nights. Shopping, beach combing and bar hopping are just a few of the great ways to spend your time in Tumon Guam.



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